Let Them Eat Bread (And Drink Champagne)!

Let Them Eat Bread (And Drink Champagne)!

When one of the Flaviar team decided to treat us to bread fresh-from-the-oven, we went with the less-is-more in choosing the toppings, but our glasses were filled for the naughty pleasure. One of the simplest, yet best pairings ever!

Ignore the temptations for cheese, jam, even charcuterie, and just top warm bread slices with butter and a pinch of salt. So good, we can't think of other way to describe it, but the poetic style of The Naked Chef: "Delicious crunchiness of bread with warm butter melting on it – simple and beautiful!"

Can it get any better than that? Well, our glasses are still empty and flavour junkies that we are, we're always looking to pair snacks with some liquid from our well-stocked bar.

Here comes the twist: for this one we reached for the wine cellar rather than the spirits cabinet and paired the bread with a little bit more yeast that is Sparkling Wine. Our choice was Bin 1008 by J Winery from Russian River Valley vineyards in California.

Double yeast = doubly delicious!

Did you really make the bread yourselves?

Yes, we did! And we took no shortcuts: It was a traditional French sourdough loaf, made following the recipe of San Francisco’s cult-status Tartine Bakery.
Their bread is so delicious that every day when they take it out of the oven a queue of loyal foodie conoisseurs forms right around the corner from the shop.

The recipe itself is actually a book, which makes it slightly too long to share here, but trust us when we say this is a meal you'll be talking about for days.
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