9 Ideas for Liquor Enhanced Coffee to Keep You Warm This Winter

There’s many, many ways to spice up your life (and coffee!). Here are a few boozy coffee ideas to keep you warm through the cold, brutal winter season.

#1. Highland Coffee
A great alternative to Irish Coffee, you’ll need coffee, 30 ml of Scotch Whisky, 5 ml of brown sugar and 50 ml of double cream.

First pour the Whisky (preferably a Highlander!) into the glass & stir in the brown sugar. Then pour the coffee, filling the glass to just a bit below the top. Finish by gently pouring the whipped cream until it reaches the top of the glass, and boom!

#2. Café Royale
A fancy French take on enhanced coffee, you’ll need 30 ml of Cognac, 150 ml of hot black coffee, 45 ml of whipped cream & 1 tsp. of sugar. Pour the coffee and Cognac into your coffee cup and sweeten to taste. Then gently float whipped cream on top, sprinkle with grated chocolate, and serve. Voilà!

#3. German Coffee
A different animal entirely, this sweetheart of a recipe utilizes cherry Brandy.

To make it, you’ll need a 15 ml of said Brandy, 150 ml of coffee, 45 ml of whipped cream and 1 tsp. of sugar. Pour the coffee and liquor into a coffee cup and sweeten to taste. Gently float the cream on top, garnish with a black cherry, and serve.

Combine with a piece of Black Forest cake for that extra cherry uuumph.

#4. Caffè Corretto
The hair of the dog or quite literally, corrected coffee in Italian, this drink is a potent pairing of a fresh espresso with a hit of something boozy — like sweet Grappa. The espresso's natural bittersweet flavour is the perfect complement to the alcohol, and works just as well for perking up, as it does for winding down.

Espresso - Photo: Flickr/jon_lin

No recipe needed here, just pour a shot of Grappa into your favourite coffee and… Relax!

#5 Venetian Coffee
The quintessential treat of Northern Italy, for this sweet cheat you’ll need some Amaretto and a shot of Sambuca, some vanilla flavoured coffee and some whipped cream. First pour the liqueurs into a glass coffee mug, fill with coffee and simply top with whipped cream. Eccola!

#6. Café Amaretto
The last of 3 Italian spiked coffees we present this time, this one is almost like a combination of Corretto and Venetian.

You’ll need 30ml of Amaretto almond liqueur, a 15 ml of Cognac, 120-180 ml of coffee and 30 ml of whipped cream. Fill the mug with coffee until it’s almost full, add the Amaretto & stir well. Layer the Cognac on top, and then add a puff of whipped cream. Bellissimo!

#7. Russian Coffee
This suggestion for a bomb diggity coffee comes from Russia with love. You’ll need 30 ml of Vodka, 15 ml of Kahlua, 1 tsp. of Amaretto almond liqueur, 150 ml of hot black coffee, 45 ml of whipped cream and a tsp. of sugar. Simply add the coffee, Vodka and Kahlua to a large coffee cup and sweeten to taste. Then gently float the cream on top, add the Amaretto, and garnish with a cherry. За здоровье!

#8. American Coffee
While Irish Coffee typically dominates the field of alcoholic coffee drinks, good ol’ American Bourbon often gets overlooked.
Coffee With Bourbon - Photo: Flickr/bitboyBourbon offers big vanilla and caramel overtones, with some even rockin’ flavours of cinnamon and spice, making it the perfect complement to coffee.

You’ll need 30 ml of Bourbon, a 15 ml of honey liqueur, hot coffee and whipped cream. Add the Bourbon and liqueur to a coffee mug first, then top with coffee and pile on zzz cream! Tasteeeee.

#9. The Real Foul One
And for the last one, something special… Absinthe! Something you probably wouldn’t ever think to put in your coffee, but still… If you’re feeling adventurous, this just might be your jam!

All you’ll need is 30 ml of Absinthe, 30 ml of mandarin Vodka, 30 ml of heavy cream and 90 ml of hot coffee. Layer and serve in a mug, then top with whipped cream and cinnamon. 

Now we can only hope you’ll enjoy these enhanced coffee ideas even half as much as we have enjoyed researching them. Bottoms up!




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