Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whisky

Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whisky

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An amazing new Single Malt from Balcones that is an absolute flavor bomb.

You just have to love the charming, independent, and rebellious spirit of Texas. Balcones Distilling is based in Waco — just about half way between Dallas and Austin. Texas is a big state, and they like everything big… big steaks, big trucks, big hats, and big flavors. Balcones is still a small distillery (thank goodness!), but it is filled with big ideas. They hand-make a range of Whiskies, Rums, and mysterious fiddly Spirits, all of which are unabashedly crafted with the big flavors they love. These Spirits are top notch, and they have the awards to prove it. 

Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whisky is a flavor bomb. And it gets that deep flavor from a few unique things. First, the barley is a combination of Simpsons Golden Promise malted barley from Scotland and local malted barley from the West Texas plains. After being distilled in copper pot stills built by Forsyths, it is aged in new and refill barrels, whose staves have been "yard-aged" for thirty-six months — nearly four times longer than most folks do it. Anyway… this amazing Texas-sized dram is bottled at 47% ABV and we just can’t get enough.

Smartass Corner:
"Yard-aging" is a technique that lets the unfitted staves sit exposed to the elements to cure — subject to sun and weather. This air-curing removes the "green wood" notes that can be medicinal and lets the toasting sink deeper into the grains. 

Flavor Spiral™

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Bourbon rules refer to manufacturing methods rather than location. Bourbon must be matured in new and charred American white oak casks for at least 2 years. If the bottle has no age statement, the Bourbon is at least 4 years old. No coloring or flavoring of any type is allowed, and the mash bill must contain at least 51% corn.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Deep Mahogany

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aroma wafts densely with notes of walnut cake, flan, bananas foster, mixed toasted woods, and a heavy dose of vanilla.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The flavor palate is amazing with apple streusel, pear galette, English toffee, and bitter cream.

The finish is long, mouthwatering, luxurious, and warm.
Ratings & Reviews
Definitely different (which is the stuff I seek out)! Corn, tannin, nutty on the nose. Super strong heat and spice on the palate that lingers around for a while with a sweet but charred finish. Running some in your hands, you can really smell the corn. Tried neat first then over ice but I preferred neat.
Fantastic flavor. Smooth and different. Really can small and taste the Carmel and toffee. Will buy again for sure. Good value.
This Bottle has a very sweet fruit follows an almost chocolate like scent on the nose. Tastes is where it'll throw you off. It warms your pallets fast followed by a lethery/herbal and slight bitterness (I relates to a peat like biterness) and surprisingly not sweet. It lingers with a peppercorn like finish. The lingering finish can sometimes put you off, and this is not a everyday drink for me. I find to reach for this bottle when I'm in the mood for something on the harsher tone and finish (like a long day after work, or winter cold, or pair with a heavy meal). This dram will overpower most of everything else you are eating/drinking unless it's a steak......
Ripe, rich fruitiness, vanilla pods, dense oak and a hint of salinity. Sweet and savory all at once. Big on aroma and flavor with a smooth finish. A great example of an American Single Malt.
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