Balblair Scotch WhiskyBalblair Scotch Whisky

All realeases of Balblair are labeled as vintages. So Balblair 03 was distilled in 2003, Balblair 99 in 1999, etc. To understand the barrel age you need two numbers, the label vintage and the bottling year. And each vintage could have a different wood combination. For the person who wants an easy-sipping dram this poses a problem. For the Whisky lover every pour is an adventure in flavor and herittage. You decide.

That said, generally speaking Balblair ages all of the single malt Whisky at least ten years in ex-Bourbon casks exclusively or in combination with other exotic casks -- Spanish oak, Wine finsihes, and so on. You can expect the lovely fruit and butterscotch of similar Highlanders in the region (Glenmorangie, Glen Ord). There will be no peat smoke whatsoever (barring some unknown special edition) and the finish will be long and clean with some lemon zest lingering on the tongue. Enjoy.

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