Widow Jane Distilled From a Rye Mash – American Oak Aged Whiskey

Widow Jane Distilled From a Rye Mash – American Oak Aged Whiskey

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Summertime fine.

Widow Jane. An interesting name and an even more interesting distillery. The name comes from the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York, the distillery comes out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. All the Widow Jane products are distilled and proofed with water from the limestone caves of the aforementioned mine. The special chemical properties of the water give their artisan Spirits the base to really do their own thing.    

And that’s what the company is all about. Just ask the founder Daniel Preston. He set out to make his products using only the best possible ingredients and the most innovative techniques to come out with the finest results possible.

When Widow Jane Rye comes off the still, it’s sweet and grassy, as is characteristic of most Ryes until they hit the barrel. When the oak touches the Whiskey it’s infused with the classic bold and spicy character. This Widow Jane expression is “lightly oaked" for 7 years in Bourbon barrels, “with added fresh oak and applewood staves.” This custom barreling yields a light, tropical “summer” Rye, the perfect fit for an Old Fashioned. It’s also match made in heaven for a good bitter, a splash of vermouth, or some good quality ginger beer.

Smartass Corner:
The Widow Jane Mine hasn’t been mined in almost 50 years, but be it far from abandoned this reservoir has been reincarnated as a recording studio, a trout nursery, a hiking/biking destination, a performance venue, a mushroom farm, and of course a damn good supplier of Whiskey water. 
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    New York
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    United States
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    7 Year Old

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color

Smell / Nose / Aroma
Cardamom, rum raisin, tropical pineapple, orange peel, and sugar cane

Taste / Flavor / Palate
Vanilla, clove, orange peel, maple and brown sugar initially infuse the palate, followed by smoked maple, almond, apricot

Tannic but even, with notes of white pepper and basswood
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