Purity is the buzzword of the Vodka world. Multiple distillation, filtration and search for the purest water to use in the production of Vodka, all contribute to the neutral character of the “little water”. But even though the flavour is mostly removed from it, some is retained and influenced by the ingredients it’s made from. As the most neutral tasting spirit, Vodka is less attractive for Flaviar-style tastings, but provides a bunch of possibilities for mixing it and creating flavoured Vodkas.

Traditionally, Vodka has been popular in Russia and Poland. But unlike some other spirits, Vodka production is not limited to a certain region and is now made all over the world from a number of different agricultural products, such as grain, potatoes, beets...

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
It seems that potato chips and flavoured Vodka are two things where the producers unleash their imagination. Bubble gum, fresh cut grass, pumpkin pie, marshmallow, and coconut water hardly begin to describe the many flavours of Vodka.

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