Royal Lochnagar DistilleryRoyal Lochnagar Distillery

Founded in 1845
Royal Lochnagar has existed on two sites in the Highland town of the same name, near Balmoral Castle and the River Dee. Strong stone buildings preside over well manicured lawns, safekeeping the royal Whisky within.

The original Lochnagar came to the world in 1823, founded by a man named James Robertson near the modern-day site. Lochnagar burned down twice, once in 1823 under suspsicious circumstances and again in 1841.

In 1848 the third iteration of Lochnagar was granted a royal warrant, and changed the name to Royal Lochnagar. Now owned by Diageo the distillery continues to hum along providing excellent malt and one of the industries oldest visitors centers to an enthusiastic audience.

Royal Lachnagar's production capacity is quite small -- only 450,000 liters -- and runs a single pair of stills. Unpeated malt is used for production, creating the smooth, sweet taste that's it famous. Traditional earthen-floored dunnage warehouses house the maturing makes in a combination of Oak, Sherry and Muscat casks.

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    United Kingdom, Scotland
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    Crathie, Ballater AB35 5TB, United Kingdom
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    +44 1339 742700
Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Third time's the charm. Lochangar burned down twice, before getting wise and building the third and final facility next to a river.

Nearby Balmoral Castle was a summer retreat to Queen Victoria, who enjoyed skipping out on her responsibilities for a ride down to the stillhouse. Smart woman.
There's a dram for everyone in the Highlands!

Highlands are the largest of the Scottish Whisky regions. Geographically the Highland Whisky region is defined as everything north of an imaginary line between Dundee and Greenock.

Single malt Whisky from the Highlands offer a lot of flavour diversity. You'll find everything from smoky drams to light and elegant floral & fruity Whiskies coming from the Highland distilleries.
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