lemon peel
Spiral Purity Vodka
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Colour 
Clear purity.
Smell / Nose
Neutral, smooth and creamy. Notes of pepper and grass.
Taste / Palate
Flavours of cream and vanilla combine with hints of and almond.
Dry, long and pleasant finish without any burn to it.

Flaviar Spiral
Wheat, Barley, Fruit, Fresh, Lemon, Creamy, Pepper, Lime, Smooth, Lychee, Sour, Rich, Sugar, Grain.

Cocktail know-how:
Simple Lemon-tini
We don't endorse the concept of the vodka martini, but this spin offers up a fresh, vibrant lemon "martini" courtesy of a short infusion of the peel in vodka. It's a great example of how vodka acts as a superb flavor delivery system.
- 2 1/2 ounces / 70 ml of vodka
- 1/2 dry vermouth, such as Dolin Dry lemon peel for infusion and for garnish
1. Put vodka in a non-reactive container with lemon peel and allow to infuse for an hour. Remove the lemon when flavors have melded.
2. Pour vodka and vermouth into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until well chilled about 30 seconds.
3. Strain into coupe and garnish with another lemon peel.
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Finest-Cut Vodka.
Made by one of Europe’s biggest blend rockstars Thomas Kuuttanen this Vodka embodies the name that it goes by. Coming from Sweden the distillery location is a 13th century Ellinge castle. Thomas's team engineered a special copper-golden pot still just for making Vodka. They source the raw ingredients - winter wheat & barley - directly from the estate surroundings. Then they distill the the liquid 34 times. Yeah, 34 times! 
90 per cent of the distillate evaporates during the process and only the purest and most refined cut is selected for the heart. With High purity achieved there is no need for filtration. All natural flavours and characteristics are thus left intact.
Purity Vodka is not just another Vodka in the sea of different Vodkas. It’s made with great care for detail to get the purest, 100% organic Vodka that won’t spring any doubts in your mind… Perfect for neat sippin’ and in all types of cocktails.
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