Pau Maui Vodka

PAU Pau Maui Vodka

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A Vodka made from a unique base, on unique stills, with unique filtration and a sweetheart flavor profile.

How would you like to spend your days on the Hawaiian island of Maui making Vodka from pineapples? Sounds like a dream job to us. Mark Nigbur was distilling in Colorado. In the process, he invented a unique glass still — great for fruit Spirits, bad for grains. The LeVecke Family had been in the distilling business for more than fifty years and wanted to start a micro-distillery in Maui (who wouldn’t). They got together and founded Hali’imale Distilling Company located in "Up-country" Maui at Makawao in the middle of huge pineapple fields.

First, you’ve got to know that Pau Maui Vodka is NOT pineapple flavored Vodka. It is a pure Vodka made from pineapples — there’s a BIG difference. Pineapple tailings are collected from the local processing factories and made into a mash fermented with natural yeasts. Mark’s unique glass stills pass the resulting Spirits through volcanic rock and charcoal filtration on the way out, arriving at 95.5% ABV in one pass. It is then cut to 40% using natural, local spring water. It is a bit sweeter than a grain Vodka with a light, exotic fragrance.

Smartass Corner:
Glass is a perfectly fine material for a still. The main benefit of copper is that it acts as a catalyst during distillation to naturally bind loose sulphur atoms — which taste remarkably bad — that are common in grain-based Spirits. No grain, no sulphur. That’s why glass is fine for pineapple-based Spirits. And it’s better than stainless steal in this case due to the natural acidity of pineapple juice.

Flavor Spiral™

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aroma is light, clean, and exotic.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The flavor profile is pure Vodka with a lightly sweeter heart and a distant, almost cirtrus essence lingers on the back palate.

The finish is clean and refreshing.

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Ratings & Reviews
Never got this Vodka. A Gin came instead. I gave it to my mother and she says its the best Gin she has ever had. Flaviar credited me back for the cost of the Vodka.
Crisp and clean! Great vodka.
Loved it
Nice subtle fruit taste, not too sweet.
Smooth, sweet, and a hint of refreshing citrus flavor. For the price there is more to the Pau Maui Vodka. Nosing the flavor evolves from fresh floral and citrus to a clean and lite finish. The initial taste begins with an hints of sweetness to oaky biscuit then changes to a creamy coconut and finally tailing with fruity sweetness and citrusy flavors. Not a bad vodka to drink neat or a mixer in tropical cocktails.
This is fine vodka, neither amazingly good nor in any way bad. A decent alcohol fire, and to my palate the slightest hint of a roasted corn.
Pineapple taste is there but if mixed with a bit of supreme unleaded, iy may up the rating--Not a fan
Very interesting vodka, does taste faintly of pineapples. Would be good in mixed drinks.
bought this for something different . surprised by the wife liking it she rarely does she drink but she likes this
This is simply the most delicious vodka I've ever had. At a young age I developed an intolerance to normal vodka despite enjoying it. I purchased this for a friendly gathering because it is from the town I grew up in. I hoped that the different process would negate the effects I developed... And it did! I can actually drink this all I want with no side effects. On top of that it is more excellent than anything from my past was. I recommend this highly and would love to hit this company up if I ever travel back.
Nothing special, maybe a hint of pineapple.
It is an outstanding, crisp, Fruit Vodka (no grain) that has a delicate birth with notes of tropical fruits; while a rich & delicate life adds hints of citrus, pineapple, coconut & strawberry; that leads to a smooth & refreshing death with a hints of oak & biscuit.
Really smooth and tasty vodka
Very odd taste profile somewhat acetone
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