Cognac Park

The idea behind Cognac Park is to create light, straightforward and unadulterated Cognacs that are affordable to all people.

Produced by Distillerie Tessendier et Fils, one of their most popular expressions amongst Flaviaristas is their XO Cigar Blend, made from the most exceptional grapes and works very well with cigars from Honduras.

If you are a bit of a sweet tooth grab a piece of dark chocolate and you'll be swept off your feet. Another one of the favorites is the Cognac Borderies, which is aged for 15 years and boy does this silky spirit leave you thirsty for more.

The goal here was to create a Cognac that celebrated the flavors of the Borderies region and they may have just created the shortest way to escape to the West of France.

Despite the small size of the region, it has gained a reputation for a distinctive light, floral flavor that Cognac Park have really made their own here. It’s even been described as an ideal Cognac to transition between a VSOP and XO range.

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Cognac Park