Old Pulteney is a flagship of owner Inver House's single malt catalogue. In 2012 Jim Murray names the 21-year the, "World Whisky of the Year". A famed maritime brand with roots soaked in salt water, brine is dominant in the notes of this northerly house.

If a salty finish doesn't appeal then stear clear of Old Pulteney but, if you're willing to try, you may be surprised at how much you like it. Their youngest offering, a 12-year, is so pronounced that the name was changed to, "Maritime Malt", but the rarer 17 and 21-year bottles are also held in high esteem by malt afficionados.

Snappy and dry, ephemeral hints of green apple and light spice present an arresting bouqet from this 200 year old Whisky brand. Old Pulteney is a celebrated single malt well worth hunting down.

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Bottles from Old Pulteney