La Clandestine Absinthe

La Clandestine Absinthe

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No odd neon colors or uncomfortable ceremonies needed… just pour, sip and experience what premium Swiss Absinthe was always meant to be. 

Artemisia-Bugnon Distillery was founded by Claude-Alain Bugnon… let’s just say that he started distilling his Absinthe in Switzerland sometime BEFORE it became legal to do so in 2005.

But this rebel-with-a-cause produced as much as he could… um… for private consumption, as far as we know. And all that "practice" positioned him perfectly so that when the ban was lifted, he was the first to request a license and started bottling product before the ink on his business permit had even dried. 
Claude loves Absinth and knows that there are more varieties of the "green monster" than there ever were. His small mountain distillery — located in in the birthplace of Absinthe — now produces no less than six varieties of premium Absinthe, including a blanche/bleue, a vert, and an opaline. 

You will be forgiven for thinking of the color green when you hear the word Absinthe. Most Absinthes are, indeed, bright green, since the chlorophyl from the wormwood leaves steeps into the alcohol like tea. But a lot of the finest Absinthes are clear. Folks "n the know" call them either "blanche" or "bleue" Absinthes. La Clandestine Absinthe is one of those premium Absinthes, so don’t be surprised when you pour a silvery clear Liqueur from the bright blue bottle. 
Something else to note… there is a traditional "ceremony" of Absinthe drinking that involves a special spoon, a sugar cube, and matches that can feel uncomfortably like a laboratory scene from Breaking Bad. Forget all that. You do not have to be Mr. Wizard or Walter White to make this fine Spirit worth drinking. The sweet you need is already inside La Clandestine Absinthe, so just pour, sip and experience what premium Swiss Absinthe was always meant to be. 

Smartass Corner: 
Many Absinthes demonstrate the "Louche Effect." Sometimes called the "ouzo effect," it is common in quality anise-flavored liquors. If cold water is added to a clear liquor containing anise, the liquid will immediately turn milky-white in the glass as the hydrophobic essential oils emulsify.
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    La Clandestine

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Clear and shimmery

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Anise and floral

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Complex, with fennel and a wonderful mouth feel.

Lightly sweet and drying.

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Ratings & Reviews
Much like Ouzo
It harsh liquorish notes brought me back to college winters. The first sip is like licking a flaming sugar cube, but gentle tea and floral notes become more apparent on subsequent sips.
Strong but lovely aniseed taste.
0.5 to 1 parts of cold water dilutes it enough to open up the complexity in the taste, but this absinthe works great with more water, too. Very nice louche, gets very milky even with small amounts of water. The aroma is floral and full with anise as the louche already hinted. Taste is surprisingly not too sweet, even though sweeter than most absinthe bleue I've tasted, and this still has the typical slightly bitter aftertaste. The bitterness and length of the aftertaste are boosted if you add more water, as the sweetness is set to background. In my experience quite typical absinthe bleue, but slightly sweeter than I've learned them to be, and very well balanced. Funny enough, the sweetness makes this one of the best absinthe bleue I've tasted.
This was my first taste of an Absinthe, didn’t know what to expect, but I thought it was great!
First Absinthe Bleue, third Absinthe tried overall. Prepared as recommended by Clandestine: 3 parts water, no sugar, no burning. Initially crystal clear, appearance after 3 parts water added is a thin milky white. Nose is strong with anise, with an underlying sweetness. First sip is more gentle than expected. Licorice, with underlying notes of spice and a baseline mild sweetness. Slight drying effect in the mouth. Further sips give variations of the anise/licorice and spices, but at the 3:1 ratio I'm not really picking up any other significant contributions. A little disappointing overall. Nothing per se bad, but just overall lacking enough oomph.
Wow! Hands down the best absinthe I’ve had. Delicious anise flavoring, sweet bit not TOO sweet as traditional “ceremonies” can make others. Definitely going to keep this one in my cabinet!
I really dig this. It was my first foray into absinthe. A friend got it from here and I had a small taste and was hooked. To the ones saying it is too sweet to add a sugar cube should read the bottle. They recommend just cold water no sugar. From the taste it is already there. I am now just trying to perfect a local bartenders drink which uses a small bit of absinthe in it. I have had it w/ cold water and cold soda water. I prefer the soda water for the carbonation.
...uh, wow. The flavor is solid yet complex. If you like the licorice of absinthe, you’ll love this.
This is my go to absinthe. I've tried at least half a dozen so far and this is the one for me. I prefer the strong, clean flavor of this over some of the others. I was very happy when this one became available for purchase instead of sitting on my wish list.
I suppose this is nice if you like such a heavy blast of mystique (and anise). The bitterness of the wormwood comes thru initially on the tip of your tongue, followed by an almost cloying sweetness of anise. I can’t imagine pouring this over a sugar cube. I can’t say I’m a fan of the legendary drink, but it is interesting experience.
The thing about absinthe is a technique to enjoy it best. some call them ceremonies but all it boils down to is dripping absinthe over a spoon with sugar on it into glass of water.
or vice versa, but it is an interesting drink. Quality counts on this stuff.
Tastes like fennel seed candies from Indian restaurants.
This was my first taste of Absinthe and I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a real fan of licorice but found this to be a very pleasant sipping drink.
Based on the description and all the positive reviews, I was expecting a superb spirit, but after tasting it myself and retasting, I find myself at a loss. The licorice flavor is too strong, giving it a jagermeister-esque flavor profile. I added water to enhance the flavor, which resulted in a cool chemical reaction and a subdued licorice flavor. However, it still wasn't to my liking.
This is my first Absinthe and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Big licorice up front with a long finish sweet at first with floral and licorice becoming the predominate flavor. Definitely will be adding to the home bar.
My first taste of absinthe. The proof made me nervous about it but it was very smooth with great flavor. I sampled it straight and had no need to mix anything in.
sweet smelling, sweet tasting late night drink for after late supper, definitely something to keep in the bar, great absinthe aroma, unexpected taste of absinthe
I enjoyed this absinthe very much. No sugar needed. Very potent, used about a 2:3 water/spirit ratio. Simply blissful. Bright milky color. One of the better absinthes I've had the pleasure to experience.
A classic semi-sweet, herbal, aperitif / cordial, with a long & harmonious finish.
Unusual to have Absinthe on its own but it was very smooth.
Too sweet.
Very nice
Very natural, well-balanced flavour mix. No need to add sugar. Works equally well enjoyed the classic way, or in cocktails.
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