2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Welcome to Hotel Flaviar

2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Welcome to Hotel Flaviar

Our most-anticipated, always-sold-out Christmas gift of the year, the whiskey Advent calendar, is back—refined and more luxurious than ever!

This year, we’re inviting you to Whiskey Hotel Flaviar, a month-long retreat for the palate where each day promises the pinnacle of tasting experiences.

Prepare to open the doors to an unmatchable holiday getaway, featuring 24 remarkable whiskey samples from the world's most notable brands and distilleries curated by our distinguished experts.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors and aromas within Whiskey Hotel Flaviar. Uncover new tastes, train your senses to become a true connoisseur, and stay abreast of the latest discoveries in the ever-evolving realm of whiskey.


What's new in 2024?

2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Hotel Flaviar is the ultimate at-home holiday tasting retreat for any whiskey lover, full of daily surprises and exciting encounters.

To make the tasting experience truly memorable, this year's Advent calendar unfolds a 24-day immersive narrative set in a luxurious imaginary hotel.

The storytelling within the tasting booklet accompanying the Advent calendar, along with the whiskey samples, will whisk you away to a magical holiday destination without actually leaving home!



Flaviar's 2024 holiday accommodation will further spoil your senses with a 100% new whiskey lineup, featuring hand-picked gems from award winners to the most thrilling new releases—expect to indulge in only the choicest, top-tier whiskey samples!

As before, the whiskey Advent calendar was designed to be shared: The tasting vials included in the box hold a generous 50 ml of premium whiskey—that’s 60% more whiskey than most other Advent calendars. With the addition of 2 tasting glasses, this is a gift that delights both the giver and the recipient. Of course, we wouldn't fault you if you decided to partake only by yourself.

If that alone doesn't evoke excitement, we have an array of other flavor-exploring surprises that you simply must discover!


What's inside the box?


2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Hotel Flaviar includes everything you need to enjoy the best at-home tasting experience

  • 24 x 50 ml world-class whiskey samples, from award-winners to exciting new releases
  • Tasting booklet with interactive tasting notes for each sample
  • 2 collectible Glencairn tasting glasses for sharing
  • FREE 1-year Flaviar Black Membership, complete with special pricing on an ever-changing and ever-expanding selection of limited bottles, free shipping, and much more

That is an exquisite collection of whiskey treasures, elegantly packed into one extraordinary box—a holiday escape as unforgettable as it is magnificent, whether for yourself or the discerning whiskey lover in your life.


What whiskeys do I get to try?


The 2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar is brimming with prime examples of US whiskey, such as Bourbon, Rye, and American Single Malt, complemented by some exceptional examples of world whiskey. Each of these is sourced from bottles that average at about twice the shelf price of typical boxes—some even sourced from bottles valued at over $150.

Inside you’ll find award-winning whiskeys, including SFWSA Double Gold winners. Among them are the BIB category gold standard Heaven Hill - Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon, the red wine barrel-aged Starward Nova Single Malt, and the Solera-aged and extremely versatile Stranahan’s Blue Peak American Single Malt,

Dive into modern classics such as the Prohibition star Chicken Cock Bourbon, and sample extraordinary concoctions like the incredible Penelope Toasted Barrel Finish with its exceptional use of various barrel-toasting levels or the ethereal Bhakta 1928, a blend of American Rye and Armagnac vintages dating back up to 100 years.

Let your palate travel across the world with the unique 100% German rye Stork House Straight Rye, or get an exclusive first taste of the new-to-market release, Sekk Sato Shiki Single Grain Japanese Whisky

Best of all, all bottles presented at Whiskey Hotel Flaviar will be available for purchase at an exclusive discounted price on Flaviar.com.

Now, that’s what we call a truly exceptional white glove service!


What’s the price?


These whiskey delights are nearly priceless, yet for our esteemed connoisseurs of fine flavors, we've arranged the most exceptional price deals to date!

Visit Flaviar’s Whiskey Advent Calendar page to find the best current offer.

And make sure to preorder now to secure guaranteed delivery by Thanksgiving!



What do people say about it?


Please, allow us to present what discerning connoisseurs and renowned spirits aficionados have to say about this year's whiskey Advent calendar:


“You want your advent calendar to be an event? Look no further than Flaviar.” - Forbes 


“Best advent calendar - EVER! Packaging is high quality, user experience is entertaining, samples are wonderfully delivered, and no shortage of variety.” - Josh Cannery


“The thing that sets this advent apart from others like it is that everyone who purchases the Flaviar advent, gets a free one-year Flaviar Black Membership. That means if you just have to have a bottle of one of the prime whiskeys you sampled, all you have to do is log onto Flaviar's website, place your order at a discounted price, and in a week or two, it'll be at your door. If that's not a gift that keeps on giving, we don't know what is.” - Tasting Table


“I wanted to try 24 different spirits that can’t be bought elsewhere at this serving size.” - Ron Bryce


“From the liquor connoisseurs to the folks who want to learn, look no further than Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar.” - The Daily Meal


"Whether you enjoy toasting a glass of whiskey on the rocks (cigar included) in celebration or sipping the decadence while settling onto the couch after a long day of shopping and wrapping, this whiskey Advent calendar is for you." - Travel awaits


“My wife and son purchased this for my 50th. Absolutely the best present I could receive. Hands down one of the best presents you could purchase as a gift.” - Nick Glorioso


“My wife got me that for Christmas. What a treat! Really fun to try some new bottles I might never have given a time of day.” - Chefbourbon


Are you aware of who else holds a profound admiration for Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar? The illustrious director, Steven Soderbergh.


"This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen anyone create - the Flaviar Advent Calendar with Spirits."


Each year, Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar garners considerable attention, and it is no longer a well-kept secret. Therefore, ensure you secure your stay at the Whiskey Hotel Flaviar before it is fully booked for the holidays!

The 2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Hotel Flaviar invites you to embrace the lavish world of whiskey with premium samples, 2 collectible glasses, an interactive tasting journal, and the exclusive 1-year Flaviar Black Membership.

So, book your holiday stay at Whiskey Hotel Flaviar and immerse yourself in the refined artistry and white glove service behind each whiskey sample inside the 2024 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar: Hotel Flaviar.

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