The distillery, situated on the banks of the River Brosna in Kilbeggan, was founded in 1757. In 1798 Matthias McManus took the control, he played a part in the United Irıshmen rebellion. The famous John Locke took over in 1843, and until the economic depression, his family retained the control.

In 1947 the Transworld Trust bought the distillery, but it had fraudulent influencers from Switzerland and Austria and in 1954 the distillery ceased production. In 1957 it closed completely.

In 1982 the Kilbeggan community restored the distillery as a Whiskey museum, which prompted Cooley to buy the license to produce Kilbeggan and Locke's Whiskey, and open a new distillery.

There are two copper pot stills, which are the oldest working pot stills producing Whiskey today.

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