Spiral HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack)

Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack)
Reviews and Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Pale, pale straw with some fizziness.

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Can’t smell that much with the bubbles popping in your nose.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Refreshing oakiness and sweet vanilla of Bourbon, the spiciness of Rye, and a hint of Scottish smoke embrace the palate. Complex layers call for the next sip, and the next.

So refreshing you don’t want it to end.
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HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack) is adored for its oak, sweet, vanilla and smoky flavor notes.

Based on 151 votes, the average rating for HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack) is 7.2/10.

Top reviews for HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack):

— I was very, very skeptical - but I like it! It's not an everyday drinker, but it has a place in the lineup. I can see drinking this on a boat or at a BBQ - so I really can't wait for summer. The only downside is the price. If that ever drops, I'll buy it by the case...

— I was legitimately surprised, this was really good for a canned cocktail like this.

— Very tasty. Much nicer than a malted beverage and seltzer. The whiskey flavor stands out and is not overed powered by the seltzer. I tried it because I've never tried a hard seltzer I liked. Hai Ball changed my mine. I would order this in public.
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HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack)

(2.13l, 5.2%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of HaiBall Whisky Seltzer (6 Pack)
I enjoyed it. It's a nice something different from a traditional seltzer or straight whiskey. It's a nice in between good for summer sipping and light and refreshing. I would make it a regular part of my rotation if not for it being priced so high.
Not to my taste at all. Couldn't even get past a couple of sips. And expensive.
I was very, very skeptical - but I like it! It's not an everyday drinker, but it has a place in the lineup. I can see drinking this on a boat or at a BBQ - so I really can't wait for summer. The only downside is the price. If that ever drops, I'll buy it by the case...
Really enjoy this, very refreshing especially with a little extra lime/lemon. Go down smooth. Pricing is very high for what you get though. If price got lowered, would definitely order again no hesitation.
I was legitimately surprised, this was really good for a canned cocktail like this.
These are extremely tasty - dangerously so!! If production cost comes down to be reasonably affordable instead of a showpiece, this will become a standard order of mine (and the only reason for a 9/10 stars). Well worth buying a 6-er to try and share.
Perfect refreshing drink for whiskey lovers. Price is a little high, but its novel still.
Did not like. Shared with 3 friends and we all agreed it was watered down whiskey. It’s not out taste, some people may like it but was not liked here
Delicious canned High ball! But man if that price is steep. I find this is on par with canned high balls I was drinking in Japan (Maybe better than some of those!) but those also came in tallboys and cost about $2 a pop. So at $32 for a 6 pack, it's hard to make it a hard yes. If you want to really sell this as a premium product then you should tell us exactly which distillery whiskies are used in the blend, not just the cliff notes. I can find a cheap version of all the notes listed at any normal liquor store so who knows what sort of discount you'd get for using it just for canned cocktail production. You will find more people willing to spend on premium products when they know what's in and can see that value. 5/10 based on that lack of information.
As many other comments have suggested, the underlying drink (a highball) is easy enough to make, and having it in a ready can makes things even easier. For this reason, I'd give 8/10 for the idea (could be 9/10 if there was a ginger version). I would also agree this is a fairly high quality version of a highball given how well you can actually taste the whisk(e)y after it's been drowned in seltzer, so 8/10 for this as well. As a note, the flavor is never going to be perfect because of personal preferences, but I agree with their idea to blend worldly whiskies for 'middle-of-the-road' flavor. There's a hint of smoke, some sweetness, but nothing for a connoisseur of tertiary notes. Then again, a mixed drink isn't really conducive to those folks anyways. This is truly a 'day drinker' for someone who doesn't like all the fruity selzter's out there but wants to be 'in the club', so to speak. Where this 'drink' really misses the mark is on price. For $32, you could buy a budget bottle (thinking of Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, Crown, Dewars, Jack, Johnnie Red, Makers, Rittenhouse 100, Wild Turkey 101, etc.) and have enough leftover for Club Soda or Ginger Beer to make your own. Not to mention, you'd have enough on hand to make 8-12 drinks, not only 6 (depending on your pouring hand, of course). For price/value, I can't give more than 3/10, and the resulting cumulative 6/10. If the price was closer to something you'd pay for a high-quality six pack (thinking sub-$20), this would easily be an 8/10 across the board for me for convenience and quality.
I thinks it's cute. A Hi Ball is about as easy at it gets for a mixed drink -- whiskey + seltzer and this simplifies it further. It has a clean taster and is a nice alternative to beer for a change. But, for the price...? I think I'll mix my own and save $$$.
Disappointing. But then again I love my whisky straight. Even ice taints the beautiful flavors that erupt when I am sipping it.
Excellent whisky flavor and nicely carbonated. A great no-brainer with a home cooked meal.
A fun drink, the whisky flavors themselves were very good. I didn't really get the full 'marriage' of seltzer and whisky though, the watery carbonation taste and texture was very apparently separate from the whisky drink.
disappointing for the price! Nothing special about this.
Did not care for the carbonation but it did have a good whiskey flavor.
Very tasty. Much nicer than a malted beverage and seltzer. The whiskey flavor stands out and is not overed powered by the seltzer. I tried it because I've never tried a hard seltzer I liked. Hai Ball changed my mine. I would order this in public.
I had low expectations but it's very good. Light and refreshing for those who don't like beer. The labeling is confusing as hell
Delicious. It reminds me of a whiskey and soda all bottled up and ready to drink. No sweetness but you don't need it if you love the taste of whiskey. Quite refreshing when it's cold.
Taste like a carbonated whiskey & water with a hint of lemon. It is a bit expensive. It is refreshing though.
True whiskey drinkers will appreciate this bourbon neat or on the rocks! Y’all nailed this one! Not a whiskey snob but I like what I like. My favorite is Knob Creek, every day is Jim Beam. Have tried Bullet, Redemption, Makers Mark, Wild Turkey, Larceny, Four Rosses, all their small batch versions. This by far is my favorite. Ordered two bottles after I had the 1st sip. Enjoy and cheers to y’all
Tasted like a whisky and water with a shot of carbonation. Not a bad flavor, and in some ways a more "drinkable" mix of the two main ingredients, but not necessarily something I would spend the money on as it is expensive for a whisky water - would rather a better bottle of whisky.
I enjoyed the flavor, it was light (almost too light), refreshing, and has that nice whiskey taste at the end that I love. The only reason I am giving it 8/10 is because of the price, it’s way too expensive for what it is in my opinion.
Okay flavored seltzer water, way over priced. I'd much rather buy a case of 24 cans of Truly seltzer for the same cost
These are reminiscent of highballs I've had from cans purchased at convenience stores in Japan. I haven't had any other kinds of flavored seltzers that are part of the current craze, but this whisky-flavored one is a nice offering. Maybe a little pricey for what it is, though.
I can tell Flaviar did a lot of work to fine tune the whisky blend because it's delicious with lots of layers and nuance. The problem is that it's too delicious so it makes me drink it slower than what the alcohol percentage would dictate. I make my own high balls at home with my own carbonated water. My personal preference is to shoot for a 10-15% alcohol percentage with high carbonation so the bubbles last through the entire slow sipping process. The initial price point is high most likely because they used good whiskies, so I can't fault them there. I'll definitely purchase more due to its craftsmanship and convenience of it being in a can.
Awesome flavor. Really enjoyed this. A little high on the price is ny only knock.
The flavor was very nice with a strong whiskey flavor. But there were next to no bubbles, and it tasted like a very flat seltzer- complete fail. I tried two of them, and they were both flat, or next to it. I threw out the other 4. What a waste of my money. If they were bubbly like seltzer should be, they would have been pretty good, I'm thinking.
I thought it was a bit watered down, but if you truly like hard seltzer, it can be fun to try. I had it with sushi, so it was light and fun. Wouldn't buy it again.
Far too expensive but worth it as a one time curiosity, should be higher proof to be a proper cocktail. Tastes 'real' as opposed to all the seltzers flooding the market and taste compares favorably to Suntory canned Kaku highball. But Suntory wins for 7% alcohol percentage and a tall boy is probably $2-3 - unfortunately only ever seen these in Japan though. Hoping Suntory purchase of Jim Beam will inspire them to try something in US market.
Never been a huge seltzer fan, as I find most to be too "fake fruity". I enjoyed this a lot more; however, found it a little watered-down. Would have liked more kick to it. May think differently on a hot summers day, but will have to wait until next year for that. $32USD for a 6-pack is too much IMO.
Excellent alternative to other seltzers!!
A little understated but very reminiscent of inexpensive highballs served at Japanese izakayas, and smoother than many of the other canned varieties. Enjoy over ice with a lemon wedge or two.
I am a person who likes sweet drinks. I like this seltzer very much. fresh, clean taste and very smooth. I would order this again
This is wonderful! I've been drinking whiskey and seltzer for a while but these cans make it so much easier! Definitely must be cold AF, and is very refreshing. Can't wait to get more. In the meantime I'll still keep a small bottle of whiskey in the freezer.
Love this, great flavor. Can't wait to buy more!
This was quite the surprise. The flavor reminds me of drinking a warm coke or pepsi on a hot summer day, yet finishes with a smooth caramel flavor. I tried a can both warm and cold to compare flavors and was not disappointed. Immediately notice that a COLD AF flavor was way better!!
My boyfriend and I both really enjoyed this, it was honestly much better than I was anticipating. I am really hoping it will come back into stock soon as we are definitely wanting to order more. It is definitely refreshing and a good way to have whiskey on a weeknight without some of the guilt!
I wasn’t sure what to think of this product, but I took a chance at the unique offer. I have tried the typical seltzer alcoholic drinks people are familiar with, don’t like them, too fruity. This stuff though...it was a definitely drinkable and definitely refreshing. On the nose it has no smell, as expected. The taste is very bubbly...however it ends with a satisfying whiskey taste. I wish it has a bit more than of a whiskey taste, but I am sure that is hard to do and still keep it around 5% alcohol content. That being said the goal is to be a refreshing summer drink and I think it does exactly that. You can’t taste the alcohol...but eventually you will feel it . The price is way too much though, $32 is simply not competitive for six. If this was priced realistically I think I’d buy some consistently. I understand it is more high shelf with the whiskey mix they claim, but I can’t convince myself $5 per 12 oz. for a 5.2% drink is sensible. I give them credit on the taste though, solid attempt at a seltzer whiskey drink.
Absolutely loved this. I get a ton of caramel on the finish.
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