Dalwhinnie has several special editions and finishings. But their core single malt release is their 15 YO. Everything else builds upon this foundation.

One of the most motable characteristics to Dalwhinnie Whisky is the scent and linger floral freshness that many describe as "Scottish Heather Honey." Heather is the national flower of Scotland, even appreaing on many clan coat-of-arms. It is a bristly, lilac-colored flower native to the Highlands and the scent is akin to wild strawberry and wet grass.

There is also a definite honey note and the influence of oak aging in evident in flavors of sultanas and a light maple. Dalwhinnie sits right next to some large peat bogs, and you can "feel" the peat in the long, warm finish, but it is not what we would call a "peaty" or "smoky" dram - not at all.

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