D'Aincourt DistilleryD'Aincourt Distillery

Founded in 1848
D’Aincourt is producing some of the finest eau-de-vie in all the land of Cognac from 110 hectares in Grande Champagne.

Behind D’Aincourt are the combined powers of an Hors d’Age Cognac enthusiast, a famous designer and a family producer-distiller united by the same passion for exceptional Cognacs.

D’Aincourt celebrates the nobility, loyalty and strength demonstrated by French Empire generals through the exceptional quality of the aged Cognacs, masculine and powerful hand-crafted decanter, and elegant design.

Their Master Blender works much like a master perfumer with his creations, carefully selecting and subtly uniting their oldest and rarest eau-de-vie (some of which are over 100 years old!) to reveal an aromatic masterpiece in each of their three Hors d’Age: Rare XO, Extra, and Premier Cru.

D’Aincourt aligns its story with French nobility and military heroes, especially to their forefather the Marquis de Caulaincourt, General of the Napoleonic Army, Foreign Minister of Napoleon and French Ambassador to Russia.

D’Aincourt is the only boutique Cognac House that offers three Hors d’Age Cognacs, starting from an average of 35-year-old eau-de-vie.

They are also an incredibly exclusive and limited Cognac brand, with only several hundred bottles released per year.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
D’Aincourt’s emblem recalls the French Empire insignia worn on their military uniforms.

Rare XO goes well with marinated meats, while Cognac Extra is a favorite amongst cigar aficionados. Their highest-end expression Premier Cru goes exceptionally well with a chocolate brownie, but being matured for more than 70 and even 100 years, make it a dessert in itself.
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