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Our club membership is a proven winner with both men and women, giving them a sense of exclusivity, class, secrecy, nostalgia, and most importantly, belonging. Plus, it serves as a great hook for gifters.

Flaviar is the largest online club of fine spirits enthusiasts. Our mission is to help people build amazing home bars and learn all about their favourite drinks. Read more on one of our landing pages.
We are currently listed on both ShareASale and Impact Radius.
Base Payout:
$25/sale payout on Membership purchase
$20/sale payout on Gift purchase
Incentivised Payout:
- Double commissions for the first 30 days
- 100 membership sales - $30 - Impact Radius only
- 400 membership sales - $35 - Impact Radius only
- 100 gift sales - $25 - Impact Radius only
- 400 gift sales - $30 -  - Impact Radius only
Variant 1:
Flaviar is the go-to place to discover and taste craft and premium spirits – from Bourbon and Scotch to Rum, Gin, Cognac and others, as well as learn the ways of a true whiskey aficionado. Membership costs $60 per quarter ($20 / month) and offers a wide variety of perks & benefits you will not find elsewhere, with an undertone of a 1920’s speakeasy club.
Variant 2:
This is the club you’ll be telling all your friends about. Taste exciting craft and premium spirits, access exclusive drinks and learn the ways of a true whiskey aficionado! All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself with a personal home bar from the best of Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Gin or Tequila and heaps of stories to tell.

For more info contact partner@flaviar.com of join below!

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