All about Zaya Gran Reserva

Zaya Rum was initially distilled by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Zaya Gran Reserva is currently produced in Trinidad, in the southernmost Caribbean. This premium Rum is a blend of 12 different rare and unique Rums, meticulously selected and blended by Zaya’s master blender. Some of these rare Rums are up to 18 years old. Zaya Gran Reserva is critically acclaimed, earning Double Gold medals at the 2013 International Rum Conference, 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and The Fifty Best 2015.

All about Zaya Gran Reserva distillery

The Trinidad Distillers Limited (TDL) facility is home to the extensive Angostura and Fernandes range of Rums, Angostura Aromatic Bitters, and Amaro di Angostura. The multi-column, continuous distillation facility was commissioned by Angostura Limited in the late 1940s, with the distillery initially providing the Rum used in the production of the Aromatic Bitters, which at the time was the sole output of the company. The ability to produce more Rum than the company needed, allowed the creation of several own-brand labels. In 1973, the company acquired the Fernandes Distillers Limited Rum company to become the sole producer in Trinidad after the Caroni Distillery closed in 2003. TDL exclusively use sugarcane molasses as the source for their fermentation and cultivate their own yeast strain which adds a distinctive flavor note to the Rums. The facility also produces a large amount of bulk Rum for other brands around the world.

Distillery info

  • Address: House of Angostura, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Phone: +1 868 623 1841