All about Seven Stills

Seven Stills Whiskeys are are mostly made from distilling ales, lagers, and beers from around the San Francisco Bay area. And there is no focus or core product — they distill from what’s available. The distilling beer usually delivers products that meet the legal definition of a Whiskey.

Their products are refreshing, interesting, and unique. There is just no way to share that experience with you via words. It’s like a farmers market — you show up and see what is on the shelf today.

All about Seven Stills distillery

Tim Obert and Clint Potter of 7 Stills of San Francisco, met at a dorm party while in college. After college they became friends and — as the story goes — one night while sharing a beer, they discussed how Whiskey is basically a form of distilled beer.

Clint, who was a student teaching a class in distillation at Berkley, was able to use his expertise. Opening their doors in 2013, they have been gathering local craft beer and wines a few barrels at a time, and distilling them into Whiskeys — exploring how the source beverage influences the tastes of the final spirit.

Things are going fairly well so far, with strong local demand and a few international distributions of their popular offerings -- which include several Whiskeys, a Vodka, and a range of aromatic bitters. Everything is produced in very small quantities in a single still on site.

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