All about Longmorn

From its first years the runs coming out of Longmorn have been a favorite for blenders. Chivas Regal uses Longmorn's make as a primary ingredient in its flagship lines. The Whisky's style is aromatic, a relatively spicy Speyside with pleasant sweetness that lends it a versatile character.

Water, barley and peat for the Longmorn distillery are all sourced locally, providing a uniquely local character to the end result. In 2007 Longmorn released a 16 year expression to replace the 15 which had been their staple product. Its reception has been favorable, including two silver medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

All about Longmorn distillery

Charmingly timeless, the Longmorn distillery stands within sight of an old waterwheel attached to a workable steam engine within the borders of Moray.

A water wheel powered rummagers in the wash stills many years ago. Located near the strath of the river Spey, Longmorn feels like a place lost in time, at once productive and antique.

In 1893, Longmorn was founded by the former manager of the Glendronach distillery, John Duff, with partners Charles Shirres and George Thomson. The site in Elgin possessed ample water, local barley fields and access to a rail line.

Production began in 1894, and was so successful that Duff built a second distillery three years later in the same place, the neighboring Benraich.

After decades of activity Longmorn partnered with The Glenlivet and Glen Grant, to form The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd. in 1970, which was acquired by Chivas brothers in 1978. Today the Longmorn distillery is held by Pernod Ricard.

A new tun room houses 8 stainless steel mash tuns for Longmorn's use. It draws water from wells in nearby Burnside, and malt from local farms. While a large portion of Longmorn's Whisky has been popular with blenders, they also produce a line of single malts that have become quite popular.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Longmorn Distillery Elgin IV30 2SJ, United Kingdom