All about Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle is famous for its 1951 brand, which is a 36-year-old Whiskey bottled in 1986. The castle was bought in 1966, and is indeed a real castle, built by the Irish clan MacNamara in the 15th century to stop the invading Normans.

It was left in ruins until 1966, when Mr. Andrews, an American with Irish blood purchased it and began restoring this landmark of Irish culture. Mr. Andrews also happened to be a true Irish Whiskey devotee and started stocking his cellars with all kinds of different pot stills he could get his hands on.

He waited for the Whiskeys to reach the pinnacle of maturation and then bottled it under the name of his hallowed Knappogue. But the real legend was born when his son, Mark, decided to put his father’s legacy and passion on the market.

It all started with the Knappogue Vintage 1951, which has become one of the most appraised Whiskeys in the World, giving the brand global recognition. Today the legend continues and the cellars of the castles are serving its purpose just as Mr. Andrews had imagined.

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