All about Coconut Cartel

Coconut Cartel was founded by Danielle and Mike Zighelboim ("Zig" for short), a brother-sister entrepreneurial combo. Born in Miami to Central American parents, they grew up between Miami, Guatemala, and El Salvador. In 2013, they smuggled the first coconuts in their suitcases from El Salvador back into Miami’s best hotels, branding them with their logo as fancy, drinkable party-favors.

They were an instant hit. After collaborating with brands such as Soho House and The Surf Lodge as well as mega-celebrities like Drake, Martha Stewart, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the story of Coconut Cartel began.

Their Coconut Cartel Rum keeps the smuggler spirit alive as a coconut water-infused, premium Guatemalan Anejo Rum.

They already received a bunch of awards, starting with the title of Guatemala Rum of the Year at the 2021 New York International Spirits Competition, Double Gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Platinum at the 2021 SIP Awards, and Triple Gold at the 2021 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards.