Best Cognac Under $50

Cognac: the Spirit of the aristocracy, cosmopolitan ladies and fancy hats and la dee da gentleman. From rappers to royalty and everyone in between, Cognac definitely has its claim to fame.

Good news: You can expand your liquor cabinet with French and opulent Brandy without hurting your wallet. Browse our selection of best Cognacs under $50 and carpe diem!

The first five bottles are Flaviar Community Favorites, and we promise you’ll adore them all. They’re followed by a vast selection of other fantastic Cognacs that are a real taste sensation, however, don't blast your budget!

Whether you prefer the traditional or the new-wave, neat or on the rocks, or for something a little more off-the-beaten-track: these under $50 Cognacs all deserve to be on your sophisticated palate. Grab yourself a Hennessy, Courvoisier, Martel, Hardy, Rémy Martin, or a Louis Royer.

Want to dip your toes further into the world of fantastic French Cognacs or the remarkable realm of Brandies? Browse our selection of the best Cognacs under $100!

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