Jaywalk Rye: Brooklyn's Distilling Spirit Rye-vived

Jaywalk Rye: Brooklyn's Distilling Spirit Rye-vived

Brooklyn—a borough steeped in history, where every brick has witnessed a story. But in the annals of its urban history, a flavorful chapter lay dormant for years, nearly forgotten post-Prohibition: the art of distilling. But now, thanks to New York Distilling Co. and their Jaywalk Rye, the blades are turning again, and the unmistakable aroma of mashed grains of the local New York rye variety is being resurrected by a brand that's true to the force of its local lore and the runes of New York City's distilling heritage.

New York’s rich rye legacy has a new protagonist. One that is as bold and defiant as the city it calls home. Jaywalk Rye is more than whiskey—it's a revival.


Brooklyn's Spirited Resurrection

Jaywalk Rye stands defiant and bold, echoing the spirited character of the borough it calls home. Born from a vision "to put New York rye back on the map," Jaywalk Rye is a testament to patience, persistence, and the pursuit of flavor.

Brooklyn’s distilling legacy, once silenced, now thrives with Jaywalk Rye as a key voice in resurrecting Brooklyn's historic spirit scene, exporting its creativity and ingenuity in a beautifully crafted package.


Sowing Seeds of the Horton Legacy Rye Variety

The birth of Jaywalk Rye is no simple tale but an epic saga spanning over a decade, venturing from just 10 seeds to a sprawling 200-acre legacy in the Finger Lakes region.

With Allen Katz, New York Distilling Co. founder and co-founder of the Empire Rye movement, at the helm, the unyielding vision of reviving the Horton rye variety to its former glory with the help from Cornell University heralded the dawn of a new age for New York’s distillery scene.


Tasting the Jaywalk Rye Series

Every batch of Jaywalk Rye is a careful blend of Horton Heirloom Rye and the organic Field Race Rye, culminating in a harmony of taste and texture that is distinctly New York.

From the composition of the grains to the orchestration of the aging process, every stage of Jaywalk's creation is an ode to detail. The 75% rye in the mash bill provides the primary palate, while the 13% corn and 12% malted barley add subtleness and structure, weaving a profile that epitomizes the heritage in each striking sip.

The spirit of Jaywalk Rye is poured into a series of three expressions that mirror the diversity of New York itself. 

Jaywalk Straight Rye is an entry-level blend of spirits barrel-aged for 6-8 years, bottled at 92-proof, brimming with New York attitude. It offers flavors beyond the typical 'spice' of rye whiskey, featuring dark, caramelized sugars with floral hints. You'll taste tropical fruits like candied pineapple and mango, complemented by honeyed apricot aromas.

Jaywalk Straight Bonded Rye embodies New York's timeless spirit. With its 7-year aging and stringent adherence to tradition, it delivers a mature, refined tropical and herbal flavor with mild pepper spice. Versatile and simple, it's great neat or in cocktails, appealing to those who appreciate smooth, robust tastes.

Aged for 7 years, Jaywalk Heirloom Rye delivers a robust and rich rye whiskey taste, with unique characteristics for each barrel. It's a Single Barrel Whiskey, bottled at Cask Strength (114-116 proof), wax-sealed, and individually inscribed. This limited release of 400 cases won't be available again until at least Fall 2024 once sold out.


In Spirits of New Beginnings

Jaywalk Rye's journey is driven by a singular pursuit: to craft a flavor profile that's as bold and unique as New York itself. Beyond mere revival, Jaywalk Rye is a celebration of taste, a testament to the relentless dedication and innovation at the heart of their brand.

Each bottle of Jaywalk Rye is a culmination of efforts spanning years, blending traditional methods with modern ingenuity to capture the distinct essence of the historic Horton rye. As New York Distilling continues to push the boundaries of what rye whiskey can be, Jaywalk Rye is leading the rye revival in the city where it began, inviting aficionados and newcomers alike to experience a taste that only comes from refusing to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Brooklyn's distilling scene is thriving once more, and at its heart, you’ll find Jaywalk Rye — a spirit “born in Brooklyn, made of New York.”

Try Jaywalk Rye and discover a rye like you've never tasted before—one that beckons you to take that bold, delicious first sip into the history of New York rye whiskey.

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