Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin Small Batch

Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin Small Batch

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Gin made from milk… Who’d have thought?

Most spirits are made from barley or wheat grain spirit, but Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin is different. First, milk from Irish dairies is split into curds and whey. The curds go on to become cheese and yeast is added to the whey to turn it into alcohol, creating a whey spirit.

The whey spirit is then distilled with 18 different botanicals and cut with pure Irish spring water, to create Bertha’s Revenge. The Gin, named after Big Bertha, a legendary cow from County Kerry. Big Bertha was 48 years old when she died, having birthed 39 calves. When the makers of Bertha’s Revenge at Ballyvolane Spirits were trying to think of a name for their Gin, they wanted something distinctive that reflected the pedigree of their product. That, coupled with the whey base of their spirits led them back to the legend of Big Bertha.

As well as juniper, Bertha’s Revenge is made with citrus including bitter and sweet oranges, grapefruit, lemon and lime, and spices including orris root, angelica, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and cumin cumin, as well as coriander, elderflower, and a bunch of other good stuff. The variety of botanicals create a complex Gin which is smooth, warming and gently spiced. The whey base gives the Gin a creamy, dare we say milky texture and slight sweetness. 

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Few Gin distillers make their own alcohol. Gin usually starts with neutral Spirit: A commodity that distillers buy in bulk. It’s what the distiller does with this commodity in the flavor-infusing process that makes each Gin different.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Sweet, spiced, acidity. 

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Pepper, citrus, spice. 

Warming spice, smooth.

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Ratings & Reviews
An incredible, unique gin that everyone should try. My wife tried it on a whim during our flight to Iceland (a G+T on Iceland Air is cheaper than a bagel), and we were wowed. The milk whey creates a creaminess that pairs wonderfully with the peppery spiciness of the gin. Makes a G+T like you've never had before. My favorite way to drink this is with East Imperial tonic and a splash of golden bitters--it makes an almost curry-like cocktail that's lovely in a way that doesn't quite play out in words. If you find this at your local shop, grab a bottle; you won't be disappointed.
My favourite gin of all time. Fantastic notes and cleaver finish.
Not at all disappointed with this gin, great spice profile.
Great with tonic water and lime while still coming through in an interesting and smooth way.
Tasty, peppery, a little spicier than most gins I've tried, but just as smooth as my favorites thanks to the unique use of whey as a distilling liquid. Not a huge fan of orange notes usually but it was more than welcome here, and gave it a very warm finish.
One of my favourite gins. Delicious served with a wedge of grapefruit and good quality tonic.
Absolutely amazing with fever tree Indian tonic.
First tasted this on a trip through Ireland last year. Unlike any Gin we have had before but we all tried different mixers and quickly drank a bottle in a night. So much for bringing it home to the states. So when I saw it show up on Flaviar I had to get another bottle. Looking to recreate that night in Dingle drinking gin with friends.
This is perhaps a bit too unique for me. I was definitely curious about trying a gin made from milk, and I think given different botanicals, I would have enjoyed it, but to me the cumin taste is just too much. When I first opened the bottle, I thought maybe it had gone bad, but then I read the back and saw cumin on the ingredient list. Cumin has always smelled like sweaty armpits to me, so it's really hard to like a gin that smells like it. That said, there are more flavors in there, and it is growing on me the more I drink. I'll make it through the bottle, but unless I find the perfect mixer or pairing (Indian food, maybe?), I doubt I'll buy it again.
This is my absolute favorite gin of the moment. It is so unique. Very mild juniper notes, more of a warm, coriander overtone, and the most delicious creamy finish. I am still searching for the perfect garnish for my gin and tonic made with Bertha’s, but I have faith that with a little research, I’ll get there. This is definitely not a London dry gin, but oh so unique.
This is one of the most unusual and flavorful gins I have ever sipped. Although it is totally clear, the creamy/milky flavor still comes through, with a strong herbal/citrus/pepper finish. My husband and I loved it neat, but it also makes a really fun G&T as well as an unusually delicious Gimlet or Negroni. This is a bottle of surprises that we intend to always keep as a fun gin option in our bar.
Milky strangeness and whoa pepper
This Gin tastes like no other. A friend brought some over from Ireland and we fell in love with it. Truly unusual perhaps not for everyone, however if you like it you'll want to sip it straight because it's just that delicious.
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