Ardbeg 5 Year Old Wee Beastie

Ardbeg 5 Year Old Wee Beastie

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Ardbeg lights up their "little monster" Islay Single Malt as a core offering designed for the modern Whisky palate.

In an age of Whisky start-ups, Ardbeg is refreshing blast from the past. They have been making Malt Whisky on the same site since 1798. The product was so popular that they ramped up production to commercial levels in 1815. That’s more than two-hundred years of Single Malt wonder. Like nearly all of her Islay sisters, Ardbeg is a peated dram. But Ardbeg is known for gentle smoky smoothness with the vast majority of production going into the greatest blended Scotches. But true Single Malt releases are in high demand and they consistently deliver.

We LOVE the name — Ardbeg Wee Beastie. Isn’t that great? This Single Malt is called a little monster. And it lives up to its name. It’s the newest addition to the core Ardbeg line-up and it’s both sharp and smoky. Now, you probably expect an Islay Single Malt to be smoky. But this is a younger dram of five years in the barrel, so the smoke shines even brighter. But you still have all the greatness of the Ardbeg we all know and love at an attractive price point. It’s like finding a Ferrari at half price.

Flavor Spiral™

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dark chocolate
black pepper
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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Light Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aroma is sharp and fresh with distinct notes of vanilla, black pepper, wood sap, and espresso.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The flavors really jump with notes of hickory-smoked bacon, eucalyptus, and dark chocolate.

The finish is long and briny with a coating mouth-feel.

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Ratings & Reviews
Well behaved for a 5yr old. Obviously peaty but doesn't completely dominate. Not a huge fan of the slightly salty part but it is short-lived. That gives way to a slightly sweet flavor and a nice, long finish.
So good. Just like a puppy it likes to bite but that big ardbeg is right there waiting to welcome you.
Goodness what a great bottle. For a 5 year, the taste of peat and smoke is pretty amazing, and if we're talking about price, this blows many of the young scotches that claim to be peaty out of the water. It's no Lagavulin 16, but again, for the price you cannot beat this. I first had it at a whiskey tasting bar in town, and it was about $9 for a poor. Imagine my surprise when I saw the price here for the whole bottle. Legendary. This will be a regular buy from me.
This may be my new favorite. Lots of complexity woven into a nice smooth dram.
Was not expecting this one. It's so good. I love the balance of smoke and sweet this one gives me. The umami is on point!
Young and some sharp edges compared to TEN but nice balance of smoke and sweet flavors of chocolate and salty bacon. It is not Uegeadail but a nice option/choice to have especially at the price.
My favorite of the young Islay whiskies. Peat-forward, oily body, and a great example of Ardbeg. At the price, there's really no reason not to try this.
I absolutely agree. I first tasted the 10 and, even though this one is younger, it does not disappoint.
10/10 for value! First off, I love Ardbeg. Keep the Uegeadail and Corryvreckan on the shelf always. This 5 year wee beastie is a steal for $50 usd. Love the bbq burnt end smoke. Not as young or sharp on the tongue as I expected. Another great Scotch that has me grabbing it more often than some whiskies I’ve paid 3 or 4 times more for. Fantastic for the price! Buy this!
Very campfire peaty. Intense and hot. When I'm feeling an intense smoke explosion, this is my bottle. Less "meaty" than Uigedail.
One of my new favorite weekly sippers. GREAT value for the price. Smoky, meaty with a kind of dark fruit, chocolate?? and a bit sweat. I think the smoke on the nose is comparable but I felt like it was not as heavy, salty or "oil fire" on the palate as the 10yr. But damn, just solid and delicious peaty sipper!
Lots of smoke on the nose with some underlying sea salt. Palate started the initial smoke but then quickly gave way to a sweet vanilla flavor, which was surprising to me. Got a hint of coffee after a sip of water. Really enjoyable especially if your an Islay fan
One of my all time favorites!
I love Ardbeg 10 and had to give this a try. This scotch is great for the price. Very smoky and enjoyable. Agree with others that it is a little rougher and less refined than the 10 but I don't think by much. Wee beastie is a great addition to my bar.
Excellent value and tons of flavor for a 5 year old. The youth of it holds the strong peaty flavor!
Appearance: Color is straw, decent legs... Nose: Dry smoke, charcoal, hints of salinity, light malty undertones with tropical fruit just barely making an appearance... Palate: Dark smoke, smoked meat, tar, faint salinity. Sweet ripe fruit on midpalate. Nice contrast of smoke and sweet... Mouthfeel: Thick, mouth coating, Well above average... Finish: Linger of smoke, peat spice. Moderate duration... Overall: Great contrast of smoke and light/sweet fruit. Lots to like, especially at the lower price point
I enjoyed this a lot but I am all about Ardbeg whisky. The nose is pure peaty Islay smoked ham steaks . It tastes like Arbdeg 10 but harsher and less refined. Adding some water helps with this. The peat smoke is stronger than any Ardbeg I’ve had. Finish lingers for days. I would buy another bottle only if I could find it cheaper than the 10 year or Laphroaig 10.
Wee Beastie is a lot smoky! Great peaty whisky for the price!
The go-for-your-throat peatiness won't be for everybody. If you enjoy a young Islay, this is a great option. Comparing it to similar malts - maybe a Laphroaig QC, or one of the young Signatory Caol Ila bottlings - it comes off favorably, and at a decent price point. An oily feel and buttery finish are nearly overwhelmed by peat and smoke, but what did you expect on a five-year Ardbeg? I'll be keeping a bottle around.
Love it. It’s like Corryvreckan junior.
New to tasting want to try something Smokey having like JW black. Too much for me...could get over feeling like I was licking ashes 😬
An excellent whisky that brings a lot of bourbon in the finish (vanilla, toffee, oak). There is a fun bit of dark chocolate that sneaks in as well. But this is smoke from one end to the other. A really nice dram that shows its age briefly, but not in an annoying way. All in all, it holds up nicely with some good complexity. To me, it is like the younger brother of Coreyvreckan.
Great price point for some Ardbeg deliciousness. Does not disappoint.
Smokey with a bite, all the things they said it would be. Not bad at all! I would say it is over priced for a 5 year though
Young, but mature beyond it's years. A slightly lighter body than the 10, but strong notes of dark chocolate, brine and smoke linger well after the last sip. Very nice for the price!
This is great! Smoky and young. It's only in the barrels for five years so realize you're getting a dram with a bite to it! When you open the bottle, that smokey peaty Islay smell brings you right to the coast. When you sip, the smokiness hits you right away along with the brightness that shines through since it's so young. Afterwards the dark chocolate and pepper spiciness hits you. Realize what you're getting here... This isn't going to be the smoothest, even-tempered dram like some that are aged four times as long as this guy. But if you're looking for something fun and different, or if you're looking for an Islay whiskey worthy of mixing into a cocktail, this is your beast.
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