Anchor Brewery was founded in 1896 in San Francisco — surviving the 1906 earthquake, Prohibition era, and several ownership changes. But in 1965 it needed saving once again.

Fritz Maytag stepped up to re-create their iconic Anchor Steam beer, and in so doing, is credited with launching the micro-brewery revolution. In 1993 he also launched Anchor Distillery, which quickly expanded to a full line of unique spirits.

Fritz sold the business to a pair of seasoned industry veterans, and today Anchor produces, imports, and distributes nearly 400 spirits. Anchor launched their Westland single malt Whiskey line several years ago and now they have several in the line up.

Their Whiskey actually has five different kinds of barley in the malt mix. It uses four different barrel types — ex-Bourbon, two kinds of Sherry, and virgin new. And — being brewers — they ferment the mash with Belgian Brewer’s Yeast. Everything is bottled at 43% ABV.

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