Best Tequila Under $50

It takes a bit of a hunt to find a great Tequila for a reasonable price. In general, the price of Tequila goes up with age, so Añejos and Extra Añejos will be the most expensive and Blancos the cheapest. We did the homework for you and compiled a list of the best-rated Tequilas you can get for $50 or less, according to the Flaviar Members.

In the list below you’ll find choices that are both tasty and economically feasible. The first five bottles are Flaviar Community Favorites, which means you’re getting the most bang for your buck. They’re followed by an incredible selection of Tequilas that will conjure images of summer and relaxation.

Which one of the Tequila treats will you choose? There is plenty to tantalize the palate of any Tequila connoisseur.

Upgrade your bar with lovely sipping Tequila or a premium mixer for your Margaritas. Jose Cuervo, Don Julio, KAH, Villa One, Casa Dragones, Perfectomundo, Viva, and others are waiting for you.

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Top 5 Tequila Under $50


Blanco Tequila

Fortaleza Blanco is one of the best “white” Tequilas you will find at any price, bar none.  “Technically,” Fortaleza Tequila launched in 2005. Really, they have been making tequila for five generations and the story of that “technically” comment could fill an entire website. Suffice it to say that Don Cenobio founded his first distillery in 1873, passing it on to generation after generation, then some of the land was sold, then bought back, and renamed Tequila Los Abuelos. But a Rum had that name, so they had to get the trademark thing worked out… yadda, yadda, yadda… now they have been making Tequila under the Fortaleza name for the last decade.    Fortaleza Tequila is based in Jalisco—the Mecca of Tequila—using brick ovens, Tahano stone mills, and a pair of copper pot stills in the escuala-vieja way (old school). They produce a traditional line of three core Tequilas: a Blanco, a Reposado and an Anejo, along with the occasional special edition.    First, check out the awesome stopper on the top of the bottle. It’s a die-cast replica of a harvested agave’ plant and it is cool as heck. And the bottle is one of those hand-made ones from central Mexico, so it is wonderfully a little less-than-perfect… awesome! It is a little like having a Tequila art piece on the shelf.    But once you get past the packaging, the Tequila is really solid too. In fact, this is one of the best “white/blanco/silver” Tequilas that you will find at any price, bar none. It’s got it all—the craftsmanship, obvious quality materials, smooth, rich, buttery-viscous mouth feel and earthy aromas that are the reason Tequila is the awesome, internationally recognized spirit we love.   

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Tequila Reposado

It's all fun and games until The Rock enters the ring. Who doesn't like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Stone Cold Steve Austin might not be one, but we're fans. He's known for the spinebusters, Samoan drops, and people's elbows, as well as his numerous roles in massive blockbusters films, including Luke in the Fast and the Furious, the titular Scorpion King, or Dr. Bravestone in the recent Jumanji films. Now he's adding a premium Tequila to the list of his achievements, as he's teamed up with a family-owned distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, the cradle of the famous Mexican Spirit. The process of making the Spirit starts with The Rock punching the Teremana blue Weber agaves into a pulp... What? Then they're roasted in brick ovens, open-air fermented, and distilled in hand-made copper pot stills. It's all done by hand, just so you know. The Reposado then matures in ex-Bourbon barrels for a couple months for some of that delicious spicy complexity. 

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Tequila Liqueur

Okay, sure, there are flowers, chocolate, hearts, but nothing says Valentine's Day more than Tequila Liqueur. Agavero Tequila Liqueur is a distinctly Mexican spirit with a fragrant aroma and luscious texture. In Spanish, the word “proximo” mean “next” or “afterward.” Proximo Spirits is the exclusive importer for Agavera Camichines Distillers, located in the heart of Tequila country—Jalisco, Mexico. Agavera Camichines doesn’t translate directly, but the cultural meaning is “little fruit of the agave.” And … we think that’s pretty cool. Agavera Camichines is setting its sights high. The company was founded on the 1800 Tequila brand and they have greatly expanded over the last few years. They produce a wide range of Tequilas and Teauila-based beverages and have recently made use of their experience to branch out into a range of Vodka, Gins, and Whiskey.  Agavero Tequila Liqueur was invented by Tequila master Lazaro Gallardo in 1857. He originally created it just for his friends and special occasions and kept the simple recipe a secret. But the people of Jalisco clamored for more, and he finally made it a commercial product, revealing the secret, but not the artistry.  Agavero Tequila Liqueur is made from a select blend of 100% blue agave añejo and reposado Tequilas that have been exclusively aged in new, medium-char French Limosin oak barrels … just like fine Cognac. Those Tequilas are blended and re-barreled with infused Damiana blossoms. It’s almost like making Gin or Saint Germain Liqueur from Tequila. But this is totally unique and emerges from the second casks as a distinctly Mexican spirit with a fragrant aroma and downright luscious texture. SmartAss Corner: Damiana flowers are small yellow blossoms that come from a shrub—Turnera diffusa. Its range extends from southern Texas all the way to western South America. The flowers have been used in folk medicine since forever and have a spicy-chamomile-like aroma. In all, the plant contains 22 bio-flavonoids and legend has it that the first Margarita used Damiana flowers instead of Triple Sec for flavor.

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Tequila Blanco

The Rock diving-elbow-drops a Tequila When one thinks of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, many things come to mind. It might be spinebusters, Samoan drops, and people's elbows. Or any of his roles in massive blockbusters films, including Luke in the Fast and the Furious, the titular Scorpion King, or Dr. Bravestone in the recent Jumanji films. What doesn't come to mind, is Tequila ― but that's about to change, as The Rock has teamed up with a family-owned distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, the cradle of the famous Mexican Spirit. We won't bore you with too many deets regarding the distillation process but we like to think that it all begins with The Rock punching the Teremana blue Weber agaves into a pulp. Then they're roasted in brick ovens, fermented, and distilled in hand-made copper pot stills. These folks are adamant about doing it all by hand, just like the gods of booze intended. Oh, and this one is Blanco, which stands for unaged. 

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Blanco Tequila

Terrific Tequila from Gorgeous George.   Celebrities love putting their names on brands, including Spirits. Brangelina had Rosé, Danny DeVito has Limoncello, and George Clooney has Tequila. Now, a famous signature on a bottle is often just a marketing gimmick, but Clooney’s Casamigos Blanco Tequila is a different story. Former Batman and casino heister teamed up with Mike Meldman (real estate tycoon) and Rande Gerber (businessman and Cindy Crawford’s spouse) to produce ultra-premium, handmade Tequila. Three different types of Tequila and are produced in Jalisco, all 100% Agave Azul. The team slowly cooks the agave piñas for 72 hours and use a special yeast blend that brings out a sophisticated flavor. It takes 80 hours for the fermentation process to do its magic. So they take their sweet, sweet time to make sure the final products is worth the John Hancock at the bottom of the label.   Casamigos Blanco Tequila is one of those Spirits that don’t require salt and lime to hide its shortcomings. The sparkling liquid carries its terroir with the premium 7-year-old agave and volcanic soil of the Jalisco highlands. It’s not too much if we say the borderline obsession that went into creating this drink really shows as creamy and spicy aromas introduce oily and sweet flavors to our senses. It’s perfect for casual sipping and even focused tasting with a nosing glass. If you really must make a Tequila with something this premium, do use fresh ingredients and mix it carefully. The only way this Tequila could be better is if George Clooney brought it with his disarming smile. But we digress.

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