About Flaviar

About Flaviar

Founded in 2012, Flaviar is the world’s largest premium spirits club, with operations in the US and Europe. Flaviar offers a better way to experience fine spirits.

Flaviar members enjoy a full suite of benefits including quarterly tasting boxes and full-size bottles sent directly to their home, invitations to exclusive spirits events, access to rare and original spirits available only to members, free shipping, over 200K member reviews and more.

Flaviar is here to help more people try more new things more often.

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Flaviar is here to help people try more new things more often.

Founded in 2012, Flaviar is a spirits club that offers a better way to experience fine liquor from around the world. Flaviar helps its members discover and learn about their flavor preferences by introducing them to a host of exciting producers with a special focus on craft players, boutique distillers, and hidden gems alongside classic drams.

Members choose both sample boxes and full-sized bottles from a vast collection of exciting and unusual Spirits to be included in quarterly deliveries shipped direct to their door.

Flaviar gives members access to rare and original Spirits while also offering exclusive experiences for them and their friends to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, including the red-carpet treatment at top distilleries (when the doors are open again) and virtual tasting sessions.

Through technology-enabled personalized recommendations, Flaviar advises on what’s worth drinking beyond the members' usual go-to.

  1. Quarterly spirits delivery including one tasting box with 3 x 1.5oz samples inside as well as one full size (750ml) premium bottle.
  2. Access to rare and original spirits: Once a month, Flaviar opens up The Vault -- its private collection of the most exclusive, hard to find Spirits out there, which can include anything from sold out Yamazaki to the notorious Pappy.
  3. Exclusive, private bottlings: Access to Flaviar Originals limited-edition private bottlings from Flaviar, including the badass peated blockbuster Scotch Son of a Peat, an all-American Bourbon in Corn Trooper United Craft Bourbon, the crowd-tasting curated Cognac, Frérot, and Deer, Bear & Moose which are extremely limited batches of wild Whiskies.
  4. Unlimited free shipping for qualifying orders: Quarterly tasting boxes and full-size bottles are shipped for free and members benefit from unlimited free shipping on orders over $60 as well as 50% off shipping on orders below this threshold.
  5. Great events: Flaviar puts on live flavor experiences (currently virtual), which has included a Live Blended at Home session with WhistlePig, allowing members to try their hand at blending Whiskey and co-create WhistlePig Home Stock, as well as Flaviar’s annual Craft Spirits Celebration, where members received tasting/blending kits at no additional cost to share the fun with a friend or two.
  6. VIP distillery access: Flaviar members can enjoy the red-carpet treatment at a number of craft distilleries around the world (when they reopen).
  7. Being a creator: Flaviar involves its members in the creation of its new products. Want to co-create products tailored to your taste buds, like Frérot XO the first crowd-sourced Cognac? Sign up!

All Access members receive their spirits delivery (a tasting box with three vials and a full-size bottle of their choice) every quarter.

For other membership packages please visit flaviar.com.

Flaviar membership costs from $159/year (Standard membership) to $349/year (All Access Explorer membership). Please visit flaviar.com for more information.

Flaviar membership is for people looking for more joy from their Spirits and life. It is for those just starting on their journey of the Spirits discovery as well as for those who are more experienced and already know what they like. Flaviar is here to disrupt the same old, same old and challenge its members to try more new things and experiences more often.

Flaviar members are explorers that crave knowledge and enjoy bonding over good drinks and the social currency that comes with exclusive access.

At the moment we ship to all European Union (EU) countries and the United States, with some exceptions.

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