4 Flaviar Leather Coasters

4 Flaviar Leather Coasters

Pack of four premium collectible leather coasters
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Character Goatson

Keep your surfaces immaculate and look cool as hell

Organizing a Whisky tasting party is one of the best ways to hang out with your companions and savor new exiting Spirits. Get a few lovely bottles from Flaviar, bring out those stylish Glencairn glasses, dim the lights a bit, and you’re ready to rock that joint. But you just scrubbed your amazing counter and you’re definitely not putting on those cardboards coasters you stole in a bar!

We have the most rad alternative: exclusive Flaviar-branded coasters. And they’re not just some plain-ass coasters – they’re made from premium leather! If you check the definition of “cool” in a dictionary, it says “neither warm nor very cold”, but that’s because you’re not checking the Flaviar Dictionary, which defines “cool” with your photo holding leather coasters. Leather pants may be a questionable fashion choice but putting your awesome Whisky glass on a leather coaster – that’s what scientists call “smooth”.

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