All about William Heavenhill

William Heavenhill Bourbon is named after the man who owned the land and built the first distillery on the Heaven Hill site. William Heavenhill Bourbon is the top, super-premium Bourbon produced by Heaven Hill Distillery.

The first thing you need to know is that it that it is almost always available only at the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center. Sometimes a few bottles sneak out online and to exclusive retailers.

There have been only three Whiskey releases. Each year a handful of casks are chosen and set aside for additional aging and consideration. There is no blending outside of these selected casks, so the finer points of character vary from year to year.

This year they added the “Bottled in Bond” designation and are issuing it at nearly cask strength — most recently 50% ABV. The age varies from year to year, but so far each has been over 10YO. Expect incredibly rich flavors of butterscotch, creme brûlée, and roasted grains with a long finish.