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Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Vera Spirits are premium, non-alcoholic Spirits, made from organic, local and seasonal botanicals, all carefully chosen and sourced from the luscious land between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps.

Vera Spirits contain zero alcohol but still offer the layered complexity of the finest Spirits. The products are made with botanicals such as juniper, coriander, and ginger, as well as fresh spring water from the Alps. A combination of two different methods is used: maceration and vapor infusion in their custom-made stills. Most of their products shine brightest when mixed in cocktails but they're also wonderful neat sippers.

The collection features 8 sober products, including Vera Ginø, Ginø Frescø, Winter Spell, Summer Meadow, Ginø&Tonic, Aperitivø Classicø, Aperitivo Bitter, and Aperitivo Spritzø.

All about VERA distillery

Founded by Luka Nagode, Urska Dvoracek, and Jernej Peterlin – three friends and restaurateurs from Ljubljana – Vera Spirits is a “sober” distillery, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Inspired by the story of one of the founder's aunts, Vera was the daughter of successful distillery owners on the North Adriatic coast. At home in the world of refined tastes and with an interest in psychology, she was always searching for the perfect Spirit to correspond to each personality type. She also believed your spirit is at its purest when sober.

Exploring flavors, ingredients, and distilling methods, Vera Spirits continues this quest and uses local, organic and wild botanicals to create alternatives to alcohol for any occasion. Like with alcohol, different botanicals are distilled separately before blending – the difference is they’re not allowed to ferment and in turn, no alcohol is produced.

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