All about Russell Henry

Crispin Cain, Master Distiller at Tamar Distillery, is a craftsman. A maker of Whiskey, he decided it was high time he expanded his horizons and turned his hand (and knowledge and passion for craft Spirits production) to Gin. He developed the Russell Henry Gin range.

Who on earth is Russell Henry? Well, rumor has it the brand is named after Russell Henry Chittenden, an American chemist who conducted pioneering research into digestion and nutrition. The perfect namesake for a Gin range.

Paul Pacult's Spirit Journals' 2013 list of the world’s 120 best Spirits, included Russell Henry Gin "A stellar example… new landmark in American Gin-making." Crispin Cain has been distilling since 1989, He had the great good fortune to apprentice with Hubert Germain-Robin.

He proudly carries out traditional methods of distillation passed down through time. Consistently winning awards for his efforts. Russell Henry London Dry is made using old-fashioned, hands-on distillation techniques, using the finest ingredients.

Bottled at an unusual 90 proof that achieves the ideal balance of strength and flavor, each bottle of Russell Henry Gin is handmade by Crispin Cain's expert team at Tamar Distillery.