All about Rossville Union

For nearly 200 years the small town of Lawrenceburg has served as the World Capital of Rye. It all started in 1847 when George Ross, founder of Ross & Squibb Distillery, was among the first to recognize the region’s distinct advantages.

Aside from its prime location along the Ohio River and being near the heart of a growing national trade network, the distillery also benefitted from sitting atop a massive aquifer, providing unimpeded access to limestone-filtered water. Naturally lowering sulfur and iron content that negatively affect a Whiskey's taste, it was the key ingredient to exceptional Whiskey. The Whiskey possessed a unique, bold flavor that no other region could match.

This invaluable resource is still extremely much intact 170 years later. Today’s production methods are fundamentally the same as they were then. Interestingly enough when the golden liquid first rolled off the stills, the grain used in its production was milled by a single-blind horse.

As a result of this crude method, the distillery had a production limit of two barrels of Whiskey per week. But by 1902, Ross & Squibb Distillery was large enough to store 60,000 barrels of Whiskey at a time. The American people loved their Rye Whiskey, and Rossville was the country's largest producer.

No brand celebrates that liquid legacy quite like Rossville Union. The Whiskeys they produce pay homage to the historic Ross & Squibb Distillery that put Lawrenceburg on the map. Now Rossville Union is bringing back the golden age of Rye, perfecting the unique blends that all but disappeared during Prohibition.