This luxury line of Cognac was created by Cognac connoisseur Olga Otrokhova. Each decanter is a collection of hundreds of meticulously selected Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, 80% of which comes from the 1960 harvest.

The special climate of this particular year, coupled with decades of aging resulted in an unprecedented, exquisite floral bouquet, which was a unique characteristic for the Grande Champagne region. The Monfleurie blend was created by the grandmasters of Maison Boinaud Estate, renowned for its savoir-faire since the 17th century. It is naturally colored and bottled at 40% ABV, Monfleurie has a unique character, richly complex with a lingering sophisticated, continuously evolving flavor. Each Monfleurie is bottled in a meticulous hand - blown floral decanter inspired by the shape of the Versailles garden vases. Each bottle is individually numbered and engraved.