All about Kikori

Launched by Ann Soh Woods in 2015, and distilled on the island of Kyushu, this Japanese "Whiskey" goes through the same process during the production as Shochu. Even specialists tend to call it a Shochu.

Made from 100% rice grain, the nose of the Whiskey is more on the floral, tropical side, and offers even more tropical flavors on the palate. It is aged 3 years in a combination of American oak, French limousin, and Spanish Sherry casks.

All about Kikori distillery

Kikori Distillery is situated in Kumamoto located on the Kyushu Island. Kikori Whisky was released in 2015, and is made from 100% local rice from Japan. 80% of the spirit is aged in American oak, and 10% in French limousin, and Sherry casks.

It is aged a minimun of 3 years. The spirit has been distilled with a stainless steel still, through a single distillation process using polished rice as the grain. The distillate is then chill filtered. No artificial colors are added to the final product.

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