All about Corn Trooper

We’ve wanted to create our very own Bourbon from the first day of Flaviar. 

When we went on a road trip through America, we realized that a great Bourbon must be truly Amerian - a union of diverse wild Spirits that come together for something greater than their sum.

So, after three years of building the most American Bourbon, we’re proud to present Corn Trooper, a glorious blend of seven Straight Bourbons from seven states. Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, and Washington are the terroirs that gave the unique characters that went into this craft marriage. The harmony of Bourbons has a powerful nose and a spicy personality with notes of maple syrup, Oak, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Dark Cherry, Orange Peel, and Apple Peels.

There are no words to describe how proud we are of this release. We hope Corn Trooper becomes your next favorite Bourbon.

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