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Armenian Brandy

Brandy's big business in Armenia. After all, they've been purportedly distilling Wine to make their Brandy since the 12th century.

The drink of Russian czars, Armenian Brandy is made from grapes that are then double-distilled in oak casks—much like its Cognac cousin.

But don't call it a Cognac, lest your raise the ire of the appellation d'origine.
Definition of Armenian Brandy
Armenian Brandy is made using Armenian grape varietals, is aged in oak barrels for at least three years andis produces and bottled in Armenia.
Napolen Brandy: 
XO (extra old) Brandy or also known as “Napoleon,” named after the conqueror himself, refers to Brandy aged at least six years.
Is Brandy a Whisky?
These are two completely separate drinks, with distinct taste and texture, made from different ingredients, using different process. The key difference is that Whisky is made from fermented grain, whereas Brandy is made from fermented fruit.  
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