If You Think You Need a Reason to Start a Home Bar - Here Are 12

If You Think You Need a Reason to Start a Home Bar - Here Are 12

Going to your favorite bar sounds great. Converting your kids’ room into a home bar sounds better, right? While any room or a corner of it will do, your kids have until the end of this article to move out if their room is your only option.

Always felt like something was missing in your life? Well… you’re in luck! We found the answer to this dreadful question – the home bar. Here’s why you should have one!

1. Money bag emoji

Starting a home bar might seem a hefty investment at first but did you ever think about what that check at the end of a long night could get you? Stocking a home bar doesn’t mean breaking the bank. There are plenty of choices for each and every budget.

Disclaimer: Savings can become apparent in a single night. The more you drink, the cheaper that Louis XIII gets.

2. The selection

A Whiskey, a Cognac, and a Mezcal walk into a bar… You either just stepped into a kickass bar, or you’re looking at your own bar cabinet.

No one is telling you how to run your home bar and no one ever will. At least not without consequences…

3. Exploration and world domination

Having a home bar enables you to learn about and explore the world of spirits in unique ways. Who’s gonna stop you from mixing a 25-year-old Scotch with Bourbon? The waiter? He probably fainted just at the thought of it...

Don’t like the concoction you just put together? Give yourself a tap on the back, you’re doing great, buddy! That Bourbon, Tequila, and Gin cocktail was probably missing an ingredient, but you’ll figure it out.

While there are numerous conventional ways of learning about spirits – adding new bottles, mixing cocktails, etc. – why not start an infinity bottle? If you have a home bar, the world is your oyster!

"Build a home bar, never go thirsty again!"

4. Your favorites

Ever been worried the bar your friends are dragging you to doesn’t have your favorite tipple? No matter the preferences, your favorites are always waiting in your mini bar.

"Home bar, the pantry of liquor!"

5. Late night / early morning dram

It’s 5am. Is the bar open? No. Well... your home bar is! Your home bar is always there for you and your friends.

6. Last call?

Last call is your call. No one can tell you that you need to leave your own damn house.

Feel like finishing the day with a glass of hooch in the bed? It’s called a nightcap and you are certainly free to do so. Besides, a good Brandy, Bourbon, or a cream-based liqueur should help you sleep better. Doctor’s orders!

7. Drinking and driving

Having a home bar decreases the chance of drinking and driving. Well... given the fact that you don’t run out of liquor mid-tasting and need to go restocking.

"Anyone who runs out of Whisky deserves to run out of Whisky."

8. Company of heroes

There’s no unwanted company in your home bar, no fights, no bouncers... But beware: Having a kickass bar might result in your friends never leaving. If you’re seeing Jim in your house three times a week, he’s probably stealing your Glenlivet XXV, not your wife.

9. The go-to friend

Listening to your pal about his horrendous colleagues has never been easy, but everything’s better with a drink in hand. Become a go-to friend with your home bar. Besides, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

10. Master of your domain

Always hated that squeaky chair but loved the selection at your local bar? Your home bar already has your favorite drinks, but bar design and furnishing are completely up to you!

11. Fancy a cigar with that Rum?

Too bad you can’t light one in a bar... but you know what? Smoking is legal in your house bar!

Caution: Liquor is flammable. Want proof? My eyebrows, or lack thereof, are the proof...

12. The dirty glassware

Remember that time you got a dirty glass in a bar? Of course you do! While having a home bar doesn’t decrease the chance of this happening again, you’ll at least know who to blame!

Going to a bar will always be fun, but we think inviting your friends over is the new going out. Plus, a home bar is like bringing a bar home – your significant other’s gonna love it!

Well, maybe not at first, we ain’t gonna lie. You’ll probably gain popularity among friends and your partner might lose a share of your time to them. But tell them that it’s also great for entertaining couples, not just your friends, and they’re gonna love it!

Forget the fancy restaurant, forget dress to impress... let a good smoky Whisky sit in glasses while you prepare a steak, then pour and explore!

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