Gin Infusion, Your Next DIY Flavour Experiment

Gin Infusion, Your Next DIY Flavour Experiment

Flavour experimentation is addictive and if you are looking for an occasional upgrade to your spirits tastings, home-made spirits infusions are a great way to go.

The makers of exceptional Sipsmith Gin from London provide some great ideas on how to get started with Gin.

Raspberry infused Gin

A perfect choice for the summer months, and one that lends itself to delectable, ruby-hued G&Ts. The process is simple: rinse off a punnet of fresh raspberries and add to a large kilner jar before mixing in your bottle of Gin. Leave to sit for about a week until fragrant and colourful, before straining out the fruit and pouring the Gin back into its bottle. Done.

Truffle infused Gin

Slice a medium-sized black truffle with a mandolin. Using the same kilner jar process, leave to steep in the Gin for about a week before straining and rebottling. This gin is perfect in a bold, brawny Martini - extra dry.

Gin infused with home-smoked cherry wood

For the especially daring (and technical) mixologists out there. Begin with Gin that's been sitting in the freezer - you'll also want a Weber barbecue, which is ideal for smoking.

Just after you've fired it up, soak your cherry wood pieces in water. Once the charcoal has died down to hot coals, put the frozen Gin in a metal mixing bowl. Drain the wet wood chips and throw them directly on the coals, which will produce a great deal of smoke. Now, put your metal bowl on the cooking rack and cover the grill - in just 20 minutes, you should have a gorgeously smoke-imbued Gin.

From here on, options are countless - just let the flavours and aromas around you inspire you and make your imagination fly.

Flavour to the people!

NOTE: This post is an expert of the article that was originally published on Sipsmith blog. You can read it in full here.

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