Best Bourbon Under $100

When talking about Bourbon, the all-American Spirit, all eyes are usually on Pappy or Blanton’s, but truth be told, you can get incredible Bourbony treasures for less than a hundred bucks.

The Bourbons on this list sound like bottled desserts (vanilla, caramel, and toffee flavors, anyone?), and they will wow your palate without you having to sell the family jewelry. 

Craft Bourbon or one of the big brands? Yes. Both. All of them: Jefferson’s, Four Roses, Rabbit Hole, Noble Oak, FEW, Balcones, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Kings County, Smooth Ambler, Old Forester, 1792, Knob Creek, Buffalo Trace, Breckenridge, OOLA, and others are here.

The first five bottles are Flaviar Community Favorites, so you know you’re treating yourself to something splendid, and they’re followed by other breathtaking Bourbons that will take you on a road trip across the United States.

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Top 5 Bourbon Under $100

Angel's Envy

Bourbon Whiskey

A living Bourbon legend. This phenomenal Bourbon is a product of Louisville Distilling Co., a distillery rooted in 200 years of Bourbon heritage that creates artisan, hand-finished Spirits. The Angel's Envy is, as they say, their masterpiece, and was inspired by legendary Master Distilled Lincoln Handerson's lifetime spent crafting fine Spirits. They offer two other expressions: a cask strength Bourbon and a Rum finished Rye. For the production of Angel’s Envy Port Finished Bourbon only mineral-rich Kentucky limestone water and locally sourced grains are used. The Bourbon is aged for up to 6 years in the upper floors of the warehouse and finished for another 3-6 months in port casks made from French oak that are imported directly from Portugal. My, oh, my gimme, gimme! Its godly flavor will bless your palate and make you pray for more. Discover more Bourbons under $100! *No returns or refunds available for personalized items.

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Old Forester

1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

Old Forester not only survived Prohibition, it is paying tribute to it with its 1920s style Bourbon. Aging Whiskey was not a common thing in the U.S. in the 19th century. Consequently this was also the era of added sweetener and acid and tobacco dye (shudder). But a young man named George Garvin Brown -a pharmaceutical salesman from Kentucky- was a man before his time, a visionary that saw the need for high quality Whiskeys. After saving his pennies, he and his brother opened the J.T.S. Brown & Bro. Distillery, and began distilling Bourbon. And, much unlike other U.S. distillers in that era, Brown took his time, and aged his Bourbon like a champ. The distillery's first release, Old Forester, was introduced in 1870. It was aged in oak casks and sealed in glass bottles, said to retain the quality of the Spirit. The Bourbon even survived Prohibition, when it continued to be distilled for medicinal purposes. It is the only Bourbon continuously distilled and marketed by the founding family before, during and after Prohibition. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon is the third release in the Old Forester Whiskey Row series. A 115 proof expression that “celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during Prohibition,” when Old Forester was granted a permit to continue distilling on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. This Whiskey is bold on the nose, with deliciously intense notes of cherry, caramel and dark chocolate. The palate is rich with sweet caramel, nuttiness, and cedar. The finish is wonderfully tart with a long smoky finish.

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Henry McKenna

10 Year Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The ultimate everyday Bourbon. Henry Mckenna was an Irish immigrant who came to Kentucky in 1837. With a background in distilling, Mckenna brought with him the generations-old family Whisky recipe and set up shop in Fairfield, Kentucky — just about five miles from where the current Heaven Hill Distillery is located in Bardstown, Kentucky. The story of Heaven Hill is quite a tale to tell in itself. They started back in 1933 and remain the only family-owned distillery in Kentucky, with the second largest inventory of Bourbon in the world. In 1996, Heaven Hill's production plant was almost completely destroyed by fire. The company survived and while fermenting, mashing, and distilling now occurs at the new Louisville distillery, aging, bottling, and shipping still occur in Bardstown. The question is – what do good ol’ Henry and Heaven Hill have in common? Well, besides the location, the love for Bourbon, of course. Now, you take that love for Bourbon, combine it with the classic Heaven Hill mash bill (75% corn, 13% rye & 12% barley), almost a hundred years of tradition, 10 years in the barrel, and you get Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The Whiskey is Bottled-in-Bond* at 50% ABV and represents everything a proper traditional Bourbon’s supposed to be. It’s tasty, aromatic and packs quite a punch as well. Perfectly balanced. Last but not least – it represents outstanding value for money. It drinks like a Whiskey twice the price. But it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s just a good old-fashioned straightforward Bourbon made with competence and love. Henry would approve. Smartass Corner: *Any Spirit labeled as Bottled-in-Bond must be the product of one distillation season and one distiller at a single distillery. Also, the law requires that bonded Spirits be aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV). Henry McKenna is the longest aged Bottled-in-Bond available today, resting in the barrel through 40 Kentucky seasons.    *This bottle is a collector’s item; we will not be able to entertain any refunds or exchanges. **Individual orders are limited to one item per person, as we wish to allow everyone to participate. ***Any kind of transit damage is insured and will be reimbursed.

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Old Forester

1910 Old Fine Whiskey

Priceless Bourbon with noble ancestry Sometime in the 1850s, an entire street in Louisville’s center was dedicated to Bourbon production, called Whiskey Row. Soon after that, the first Bourbon in sealed glass bottles was introduced and they called it Old Forester, named after Dr. William Forrester, the local pharmacist and a good patron of George G. Brown, the Whiskey maker. Now, who names their new product after their favorite customer anymore? Then, in 1910 (hence the name on the bottle), Old Forester had a fire in the bottling line, so in order to save the precious amber potion, they moved the batch into new, charred oak barrels. When they fixed the distillery and tried the stored Bourbon, their minds were blown. Not literally, obvs – the flavors were incredible. Today, Old Forester 1910 is the final release in the Whiskey Row Series, and it emulates that rescued Whiskey in being moved to a heavily charred (almost burned) second barrel. When it’s mature enough, it’s bottled at 93 proof. Old Forester 1910 is a wonderful mad scientist’s experiment that delivers a unique and unprecedented flavor.

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W.L. Weller

Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

W.L. Weller Special Reserve "Green Label" is the original wheated Bourbon with a smooth profile. The Stitzel-Weller Distillery is stuff of Bourbon legend. It was founded on Derby Day in 1935 by Julian "Pappy" Van Winkle himself and some of the most legendary Bourbons and brands were made there. The distillery itself was closed in 1992 and is now a museum-like adjunct of Bulleit Bourbon Experience owned by Diageo. But there is a lot of left-over Weller Bourbon in the storage lofts, along with "orphan" casks from other distilleries. But the Weller brand still produces some of the most sought-after Bourbons of the day — all flowing from the stills in the famous Buffalo Trace Distillery. Weller is sometimes called "The Original Wheated Bourbon." That’s because it is distilled from a mash bill of corn, wheat, and barley… no rye at all. And that combination always yields a smoother Spirits with fewer spices notes and more toffee/caramel notes. W. L. Weller Special Reserve is their Gold Medal-winning entry into the category. We say it makes an exceptional sipping Bourbon at 45% ABV.   *This bottle is a collector’s item, we will not be able to entertain any refunds or exchanges. **Individual orders limited to one item per person, as we wish to give everyone the opportunity to participate. ***Any kind of transit damage is insured and will be reimbursed. 

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