Best Bourbon Under $100

When talking about Bourbon, the all-American Spirit, all eyes are usually on Pappy or Blanton’s, but truth be told, you can get incredible Bourbony treasures for less than a hundred bucks.

The Bourbons on this list sound like bottled desserts (vanilla, caramel, and toffee flavors, anyone?), and they will wow your palate without you having to sell the family jewelry. 

Craft Bourbon or one of the big brands? Yes. Both. All of them: Jefferson’s, Four Roses, Rabbit Hole, Noble Oak, FEW, Balcones, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Kings County, Smooth Ambler, Old Forester, 1792, Knob Creek, Buffalo Trace, Breckenridge, OOLA, and others are here.

The first five bottles are Flaviar Community Favorites, so you know you’re treating yourself to something splendid, and they’re followed by other breathtaking Bourbons that will take you on a road trip across the United States.

Top 5 Bourbon Under $100

Eagle Rare

10 Year Old

The only Bourbon to ever win the double gold medal five times. The Eagle Rare Bourbon was created by Seagram master distiller Charles L. Beam and introduced in 1975. It stands as one of the last new Bourbon brands introduced before the current era of small batch Bourbons. In the years since it was acquired by numerous companies before it became a part of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.   Eagle Rare 10YO Bourbon was aged for 10 years in new oak casks. It has claimed over 30 awards in the past decade, including 5 Double Gold medals at the SFWSC. In terms of price/quality ratio, you would be hard pressed to find a better value Bourbon as this one. Bourbon bang-for-the-buck of the year. And pretty quite damn spectacular as well.  Discover more Bourbons under $100!

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Four Roses

Single Barrel Bourbon

The winner of the Flaviar Community Awards 2019 in its respective category! They say it all began when the founder became smitten by the beauty of a Southern belle. She said "Yes" to a proposal by wearing a corsage of four red roses. Ahhh. The rest is history or is it? Four Roses was established in 1888. It is somewhat unclear where the name Four Roses comes from, as several different stories are told about. It was probably named for company founder Rufus Mathewson Rose, his brother Origen, and their two sons.    Around the end of the 1950s, despite the popularity of the brand, owners decided to discontinue the sale of Four Roses Bourbon in order to focus on sales of blended Whiskey. Four Roses continued to be unavailable as straight Bourbon in the U.S. for more than 40 years — until 2002, when they again focused exclusively on Four Roses Straight Bourbon.    Four Roses distills ten separate Bourbons using two mash recipes and five yeast strains.    Smartass Corner: Four Roses is the preferred drink of hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe.

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US*1 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon category Winner of the Flaviar Community Awards 2018. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky Michter’s is one of the oldest distilleries in the States. Their Master Distiller, Willie Pratt, has been in and around the Whiskey industry for over forty years, he is lovingly referred to as Dr. No as he will never allow any casks to be released or bottled until they are just right meaning these Bourbons are typically aged longer than other producers would otherwise age theirs. Produced in very small batches, typically twenty-four barrels or fewer per batch and aged for around eight years, Michter's US*1 really is a great Bourbon. Teasing with caramel, vanilla and dried fruit notes, this is a very pleasant drink to both spend time with and to enjoy through the night.

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Pot Still Reserve

From the Big Daddy of Bourbon and Rye Bottling.   The Willett Distilling Company or Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, as it is also known, is a small, family-owned company that markets Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. They’re located in Bardstown, Kentucky. As a relatively large independent bottling company, they’re called the big daddy of Bourbon and Rye Bottling.   The company wasn’t actually operating as a distillery from 1980 to 2012, when they re-established the distilling process using both column and pot stills. So far they’ve been using Whiskey distilled elsewhere to make their products, and it will be a few more years before they can use their own distillates because of the necessary ageing process.   Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon was introduced in 2008 and is a hand-selected, limited Kentucky straight Bourbon, aged 8-10 years and bottled at 47% ABV. It comes in one of the coolest decanters on the market.

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Knob Creek

Patiently Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Everything that makes a Bourbon great.   Knob Creek is a special small batch brand of Beam-Suntory. It's tailored  — along with its sister labels Booker’s, Baker’s, and Basil Hayden’s — to the more discriminating Bourbon lover. You.   The Knob Creek brand was launched in 1992 and hasn't changed much since, besides adding additional products to the lineup, including a Single Barrel Reserve, a Straight Rye, and a Knob Creek Maple Bourbon, all of which are multiple award-winning expressions.   Knob Creek Patiently Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the core Knob Creek product. It's one of our favorite daily drinkers, especially for cocktails. It is bottled at a full 100 proof / 50% ABV so it comes with a kick.

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