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Highland Scotch

When it comes to single malt Whiskies from the Highlands, there's no common denominator. Just like the landscape that can go from violet-stained moors into sea-lashed coastlines encrusted with caves, in a matter of miles, Highland single malts too, have a lot of flavor versatility to offer.

Fruitcake and oak flirt with heather and smoke in Highland Whiskies. Wild seas and impenetrable moorland dominate the landscape, creating a breeding ground for powerful peaty drams, whilst still leaving room for floral, silky elegance.

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What is Single Malt Scotch?
Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made from 100% malted barley and distilled at a single distillery.
What is Blended Whisky?
There are three types of Blended Whisky. Blended Malt (malt Whisky from multiple distilleries), Blended Grain (grain Whisky from multiple distilleries) and Blended Whisky (a blend of malt and grain Whiskies).  
What is Barrel Proof/Cask Strength?
Terms found on the label of a Whisky bottle, indicating the Spirit was not diluted once it was removed from the barrel or cask, meaning it is much higher proof than the spirit traditionally. (Cask Strength Laphroiag 10 Year would be higher than traditional Laphroiag 10 Year.)
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