New England Distilling DistilleryNew England Distilling Distillery

Founded in 2012
New England Distilling is owned by Ned Wight, whose family has been around the distilling business for four generations. His great-great-great-grandfather started a distillery in 1860. Every generation since then has seen a son in the business.

Ever since his college days, Ned had been home-brewing beer as a side passion. That experience got him a job at Allagash Brewing, which then paved the way back into the family business of distillation.

He founded New England Distilling in 2012, in Portland, Maine, which has posed some problems. But he overcame them and used it as an advantage by turning to locally-sourced grains whenever possible.

They are currently producing three products: Gunpowder Rye, Eight Bells barrel-aged Rum, and Ingenium Gin.

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    United States
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    26 Evergreen Dr, Portland, ME 04103
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    (207) 878-9759
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
It is common for a business owner to say that his product “has his name on it.” In the case of Ned Wight, it’s literal. The initials of his New England Distilling spell out his first name.
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