All about Low Gap

Low Gap Whiskey is the creation of Crispin Cain and his team at Tamar Distillery. Crispin brings 30 years of distillation and cellaring experience to each glass of Whiskey

While Crispin worked for Germain-Robin Brandy, he had a vision of making fine Whiskey in Northern California, one which expresses the simple beauty of clean air, clean water, and tall trees, while capturing the complexity of malted grains from a variety of local and classic sources.

Low Gap Whiskies are made using the time honored traditions of Cognac, keen attention to fermentation, the Charentais Pot Still, the double distillation method, and choosing the finest quality barrels to match fine Spirits.

The distillate which becomes Low Gap Whiskey is meticulously selected. Crispin’s accomplishments can be found in each bottle of Low Gap Whiskey, a continuing source of accolades and pride.