All about Coalition Whiskey

"A spirits pioneer, a veteran whiskey distiller, and a world-renowned winemaker walk into a bar… and a brilliant coalition is formed.” 

The coalition in question is comprised of Leonid Yangarber, Steve Thompson, and Ludwig Vanneron who had the vision to create a 100% Rye Whiskey from the Bourbon state of Kentucky that would be aged in the finest Wine barrels from the French Bordeaux region. Oh, and it would be packed in a spectacular art deco-style bottle, paying homage to the roaring ’20s.

Why is Coalition Whiskey special? Because this exact combination of ideas has not been seen on the market before.

Lenoid left the corporate world of Spirits where he worked as a CEO at a major company and tapped into his love for American Whiskey and French Wine by risking it all with Coalition Whiskey.

Together with Steve who owns the Kentucky Artisan Distillery and Ludwig who is a famous Bordeaux-based Winemaker, they brought their respective talents together and created Coalition Whiskey. 

All Coalition Whiskeys begin with the expensive 100% Rye grain. After aging for 5 years in American Oak barrels, at Steve's Kentucky Artisan Distillery, the Whiskeys are finished for up to 9 months in Bordeaux Wine barrels.

If you want to try their 100% Rye Whiskey without the Bordeaux Wine finish, there is a Barrel Proof version available as well.