The Holiday shopping season is upon us. If you have a Bourbon lover in your life you probably want to get them something special to go along with that bottle of Bourbon. But what do you get for the Bourbon-obsessed that isn’t just another t-shirt?

Not to worry, we have you covered. Here’s a list of truly unique Bourbon gifts for Bourbon lovers.


1. Flaviar Membership

Regular Christmas gifts are so 2019 instead give the gift that keeps on giving! Show them you care in the best way possible: with delicious booze!

By giving a Flaviar Membership, the Bourbon lover will expand their horizons through tasting and discovery of different Bourbons (and other Spirits) through quarterly deliveries of tasting boxes and full-size bottles, access to members only tasting events and unlimited free shipping.

Your gift also comes with vibrant community, superb knowledge base, generous referral perks and personal recommendations. We're not sure how you'll outdo yourself next time though.

2. Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars

These cigars are not dipped in or sprayed with Whiskey. Instead the wrapper leaf is fermented in used Bourbon barrels. The extensive process that goes into making these cigars make them a truly unique gift for the Bourbon lover in your life. Available for purchase through Pappy & Co.

Papy & Co. cigars are fermented in used Bourbon barrels.

3. Corn Trooper United Craft Bourbon

Say Howdy to Flaviar's first own Bourbon! A bottle of Corn Trooper is for everyone who loves Bourbon and wants to try something new and truly American.

We didn’t want to create another run-of-the-mill Whiskey, a rival that would compete with all those marvelous Bourbons. Quite the opposite: we decided to create an homage to our favorite Craft Bourbons and unite them in a special blend.

Corn Trooper is a blend of seven straight Bourbons connecting seven distillers from seven different states, each bringing something unique to its character.

And buyers love this one-of-a-kind Bourbon - if you don't have time to read all the reviews, here are just a few:
“Full, butterscotch, toffee, chocolate, a warm, cozy ride. Just a sip goes a long way. Nursed this with crushed ice and had a smooth glidepath.” - Robert
“This is one amazing dram!! The blend is perfect. I'll probably pick up a second bottle before its gone. Pleasantly surprised.” - Don
“This is mind blowing. I want a constant supply” - Bonnie
“Great job on this. I was super intrigued when I saw the maple syrup flavor profile, and this nailed it. Good heat without being overpowered and I really enjoyed the flavor and long maple syrup finish too.” - Matthew
“Best Corn I've had since I left the hills. Smooth and flavorful. Would go great in a Little Brown Jug.” - Jerry

If you are looking for something to amplify your loved one’s Bourbon experience Corn Trooper is your go to gift.

4. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

This coffee is not sprayed with Bourbon or artificially Bourbon flavored. Instead the whole beans are actually aged in used Bourbon barrels through an extensive process.

Several producers, such as Kentucky Knows, the Vintage Gentlemen, and Bones Coffee Company, realized that Bourbon (even if without the alcohol content) is just what you need to start your day off right



5. Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar

It took Jules Verne 80 days to travel the world, but one can do it in 24 days through this colorful selection of Whiskies from all over the globe. Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Japanese, and Irish Whiskey...

There's a new amber potion for each day till Christmas. Who said the Bourbon lover in your life would not like Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar, as well?


6. Art Eatables Bourbon Truffles

Each truffle variety matches the perfect chocolate with the perfect Bourbon, making dozens of varieties. If your Bourbon lover only has eyes for a certain Bourbon, chances are there’s a truffle for that!



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7. Flaviar Merch

Elevate the Spirits game with some trendy Flaviar Merch. From socks and shirts, to cool flasks and a full blown home bar that you can personalize with the recipient's name, make sure their Whiskey game is always on point.

Flaviar merch for your Bourbon lovin' dad.


8. Woodford Reserve Bitters Set by Bourbon Barrel Foods

Known as the first soy sauce microbrewery in the United States, Bourbon Barrel Foods has expanded from Bourbon barrel aged soy sauce to barrel aged and barrel smoked salts, sugars, and spices as well as the entire Woodford Reserve cocktail collection.

As a bonus add a gift pack of Louisville Beer Syrups to make the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail gift pack!


9. Bourbon Tasting Box

Remember Christmas mornings when each colorful wrap had endless potential of joy?

That bliss isn't exclusive to kids when there's a Bourbon tasting box waiting for you under the tree. Themed boxes are a perfect fit for both beginners and veterans of taste. You can always buy one for yourself as well and set up a socially distanced drinking party.

10. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Head Cutout

Chances are if someone loves Bourbon, they also love Kentucky, so why not order a unique handmade Bourbon barrel head Kentucky cutout from Drunkwood? There are also other states available, as well as fleur-de-lis and horse heads.


11. The F(l)avorite One(s)

We'll give you a head start on growing your Bourbon lover’s home bar with the perfect selection of Bourbon bottles.

You can never go wrong with Flaviar community’s all time favorite Bourbons: Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon, Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, Blanton's Original Single Barrel, Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Bourbon Whiskey.
They are so popular with our members that they have all received the Flaviar Community Award.

But we also warmly recommend: Breckenridge Rum Cask Bourbon, George Remus Straight Bourbon, Rabbit Hole Dareringer PX Sherry Cask, Jefferson's Very Small Batch which are undoubtedly hot stuff of the 2020 holiday season.

Wish to expand your liquor cabinet without hurting your wallet? Browse our selection of best Bourbon under $100


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12. HaiBall Hard Seltzer


Hard seltzer might be an icon of summer fun but is really a year-round drink. HaiBall is spiked premium sparkling water with five properly aged Whiskies, Straight American Bourbon included.

How about grabbing a six pack for your friends and perking up their fall and winter days with something fresh and bright? 



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