Whiskies Of The World Calendar

Whiskies Of The World Calendar

Flaviar Advent Calendar 2019

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24 Days and 24 Whiskeys

Turn the holiday season into a voyage of exploration.

It took Jules Verne 80 days to travel the world, but we'll do it in 24 days through the colorful selection of Whiskeys from all around the world. Explore the wonderful styles and origins: Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Japanese and Irish Whiskey... It's nuts!

Be whisked around the globe and try a new amber potion each day.
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Member Reviews and Ratings of Whiskies Of The World Calendar
Interesting options.
Really enjoyed this. I agree with most people here when they say, some where amazing, and some where really lacking. Certainly a good way to test your range and see what you like. The flavor spirals and the artwork with the "booklet" looked really cool too. Great gift idea.
Loved the calender some days were and some were just too medicine like. Definitely enjoyed trying something new each night and identifying the ones I would not like again. But equally excited about the ones I would like to have again.
Great variety but about 10 of them I couldn’t drink. Too medicinal.
Very good variety. I was able to share with lots of friends and have something for everyone. I didn’t keep up with the one a day so my kids would remind me after they opened their own advent calendars that i needed to open mine and that i hadn’t opened one for a couple days.
Fun way to taste lots off different styles!
I bought 3 in total: one for me and one for each of my brothers. We thoroughly enjoyed tasting each night and sharing our love or hatred each night as the month progressed. Some of the whiskeys were AMAZING, leaving us wishing that it was more than 50 mL in the bottles or that we had savored it longer. Others were downright GOD-AWFUL and nearly undrinkable, leaving us trying to lick our own armpits as a way to remove the nasty taste. All were different, unique, and special. Either way, there was no better way for us to experience that variety of flavors, learn each others' likes and dis-likes, and to share the experience together. It gave us some fun to look forward to each evening, to pull the next flavor out, read the card about it, crack open the bottle, and group text about each nights' sample. This experience is one that I will want to repeat, sharing with my brothers, and taking a worldwide whiskey tour from home.
just fun! I enjoyed every day!
Fantastic journey through the world of whiskey!
I purchased the Flaviar Whiskey advent calendar in 2018 as well, and gave it a 9/10. I will highlight differences/similarities in this review for 2019: As I said last year, of course this was "super fun to open a tasting vial each day; and judged on concept/experience and value for cost alone; 24 pours in a calendar box of german glass vials to my door for $200; roughly $8/drink from 24 different top-shelf bottles avg. US$65/bottle retail...this was a 10/10!" That hasn't changed...the value is still there (I did the math; the bottles in this set average $65 each)...you will be hard pressed to find any bar/restaurant that will sell you a heavy pour from a $65 whiskey bottle for just $8, and this box is that concept 24 times over. Not to mention the added value this year of including a whiskey glass with the set, and housing it in a superior-quality box than the 2018 cardboard box, without raising the price of the box. The biggest overall improvement this year was the variety of countries represented. The 2018 box only represented 6 different countries, the 2019 represented 11 countries; bringing Belgium, Taiwan, Australia, Spain and England into the existing mix of Ireland, Scotland, US, Japan, Whales and India. Only downsides were: as I said last year, I'm a bourbon fan first and foremost, and while I enjoy most whiskey, Scotch is not my jam. And unfortunately, there were 7 Scotch vials in this box (as there were last year). And again, like 2018, only 4 Bourbons in the set - none of which were from KY (again). I again believe Flaviar should balance the Scotch''s and the Bourbon's - a couple less scotch's, a couple more bourbon's (including one from KY please) and this is a 10/10 . That said, there were 5 States represented in the set (OR, MI, VA, TX and NY) which is pretty cool (although there were 8 States represented in 2018 - but I'd rather give up States for more Country's - so this was a good change).
Nice tasting box of various whiskeys. Little pricey at $8 a glass, but fun try different whiskeys from around the world. Subtracted one star because the boxed arrived damaged, but all the tastings were safe.
My son in law and I both got this and we call each other and do a tasting over the phone. Great fun and a enjoyable experience.
Really awesome setup...preordered in July to make sure to have it in November...well worth the wait...December is going to be a great month!!!!
Such an amazing advent calendar. I highly recommend it. Make sure to Gerry it during the preorder round to get it in time for December 1st
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