Doubling Down on the Family Legacy:  The Bold Debut of Martingale Cognac

Doubling Down on the Family Legacy: The Bold Debut of Martingale Cognac

The world of Cognac rarely sees a newcomer who can both honor its time-honored traditions and capture the spirit of a new era. Enter Martingale Cognac, a name that resonates for its deep roots in the Thomas family's legacy as well as its commitment to forging a fresh identity amidst its storied past.

The brand's very name, 'Martingale', embodies the resilience and strategic persistence that has seen Maison Thomas through over a century of creating some of the most esteemed eaux-de-vie in the prestigious Cognac market. For the Thomas family, "Martingale" is more than just a word; it's a way of life. It's about doubling down, about forging your path, even in challenging times.


The Visionary Raymond Thomas and the Martingale Mindset

The Thomas family's legacy began over a hundred years ago, grounded in the art of crafting fine eaux-de-vies for some of the most prestigious Cognac brands. Raymond Thomas, the late grandfather of Martingale Cognac founders Guillaume and Amaury Thomas, not only upheld the family's tradition but also contributed to shaping the very essence of the Cognac appellation, solidifying the standing of its eaux-de-vie as a paragon of quality within the world of spirits.

Raymond Thomas didn't just believe in crafting fine spirits but in forging a lasting legacy. It was Raymond's vision that led to the family's investment in the most enviable domaines in Cognac, thereby shaping the brand's future. His philosophy of doubling down rather than backing away from a challenge became the family's recipe for success—one that lives on in every facet of Martingale Cognac's story.

"Our grandfather, Raymond, was a restless visionary and true entrepreneur.
He was an important figure in the history of Cognac having strengthened the status of the appellation through the post-war era. When faced with obstacles, instead of backing down, he doubled down and found his own martingale, his own recipe for success: hard work, genuine relationships, skills, and craft in Cognac making." - Guillaume Thomas, Founder & CEO


Martingale Cognac: A Fresh, New Cognac Experience

The 2023 inaugural release of Martingale Cognac is a momentous occasion – a culmination of generations of labor and love, and bound to resonate within the spirit industry for years to come. With the release of their first proprietary bottling, the Thomas family embraces the future, combining tradition with a newfound sense of audacity.

While remaining faithful to the old-world techniques that have brought them this far, Martingale Cognac is also a departure from the expected. It challenges the status quo, offering a different sensory experience that abstracts the very notion of what a Cognac should be, catering to a modern palate.

"My grandfather and my father always liked very old wines. My tastes are different. I like wines that have life and vitality to them. I see no reason to be bound by the codes I have inherited. The old thinking was all about the robustness of Grande Champagne. Yes, that has a role to play, but give me the floral characteristics of Borderies any day. Palates change. It’s just a fact." - Amaury Thomas, Co-Founder and Master Blender


Tasting Martingale Cognac

With a well-rounded profile that balances tannins and oak with the subtleness of the Borderies' floral and fruity heritage, Martingale exudes freshness, not just in the bouquet and tasting notes but in the spirit with which it was crafted.

Maintaining full control over the entire production process, from grape to glass, ensures that Martingale Cognac preserves its natural essence, faithfully reflecting the soul of the grapes used and embodying the Thomas family's ethos—a blend so carefully orchestrated, yet so effortlessly alluring, that it beckons for contemplation in every sip.

Upon its entry into the market, Martingale Cognac has won over critics and connoisseurs alike with its superlative quality and exquisite taste. Among the most notable accolades are three Gold Awards from John Barleycorn Awards 2023, the Beverage Testing Institute 2023, and the Esquire Spirit Awards 2023, respectively.


A Toast to the Future of Martingale Cognac

The story of Martingale Cognac is one not just of triumph against odds, but of a harmonious blend of past, present, and future. It represents the unyielding pursuit of quality and the restless spirit that defines the Thomas family. With each bottle, Martingale offers a glimpse into a legacy that is not just proud and storied but also vibrant and enduring.

Double down on your enjoyment and experience Martingale Cognac for yourself—lend your senses to a tale that is centuries in the making, yet so strikingly fresh.
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