The Spectacular Rebirth of Rye

The Spectacular Rebirth of Rye

Not long ago, we nearly lost rye whiskey. For decades, the historic whiskey was barely made in the United States, and most drinkers and bartenders had never tasted it. 

Just when it seemed that rye might disappear for good, a small miracle occurred. Thanks to a grassroots effort, Rittenhouse Rye became available for sale in New York and helped kick off the whisky’s dramatic and improbable comeback as well as the modern cocktail revolution.

On this episode of Fix Me a Drink, hosts Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich discuss the rebirth of rye and are joined by Heaven Hill’s West Coast Whiskey Educator & Ambassador Jack Choate as well as legendary bartender Audrey Saunders.

So pour yourself a glass of rye and listen to this new episode of Fix Me a Drink. Cheers!   

Fix Me a Drink with Noah Rothbaum & David Wondrich · The Spectacular Rebirth of Rye - Fix Me a Drink

Fix Me a Drink is hosted by Flaviar’s resident liquor experts Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich. On each episode, the award-winning duo enjoys a delicious drink while uncovering lost liquor history, exploring modern cocktail culture and interviewing an incredible array of spirited guests. 

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Podcast Editor: Alex Skjong

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